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Our essential oil in Peppermint is not only refreshing but is the perfect scent for the holidays! Peppermint is known for its ability to help settle an upset stomach and to clear a stuffy nose. Next time you’re out in the cold, come home to a warm house smelling like Peppermint and it may be just what you need!

Each scent is in a 10 ML glass bottle. Pair our essential oils with our Miko Marketplace exclusive Lava Bracelets. Dab some of the oil into the stone and brew a natural spa aroma on your wrist for all-day relaxation. Our other favorite ways to use our oils are in diffusers, baths or even freshening up a load of laundry! Get creative, there are endless possibilities of use!

Therapeutic grade distilled essential oil. Not recommended for ingestion. Made in the USA.

We do not suggest our essential oils as a replacement or solution for professional healthcare. Please refer to a licensed physician for any medical care advice in regards to essential oil health benefits or personal use.

Size: 10 ML Bottles
Peppermint scent

Why we love them
Theraputic Grade
Trade Fair
. Sustainable

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MMO103 - Essentail Oil - Peppermint

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My name is Sara Pérez and I've worked through many challenge as a woman, a single mother, and as an artisan who provides products to Industrias Xela, which is a company that has a human face and has given me support. I started working in the purchasing area at Industrias Xela*, while there, I was told the very sad news that my son had been diagnosed with colon cancer. I knew that I needed to be close to him in order for me to best take care of him. In response to this emergency, the Larsen family helped me continue to work while home by making macramé bracelets and floral combs. This way I could take care of my son and still earn money. God bless those people. Because this family and company knew I needed extra support, they assisted in the construction of my house and furnished it for me.

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