Our Mission

Is to preserve weaving, cobbling, leather crafting, and natural dyeing traditions in Guatemala for future generations. To provide sustainable jobs to artisans, promote slow fashion, and support small shops.

Made Naturally

But, what makes our goods so special? Among some of the simple answers are, hand-crafted, artisanal, eco-cool, up-cycled, 100% cotton, chemical and dye free, fare trade, reduced CO2, and sustainable!

That's a lot to brag about...but we don't want to do that, because the reasons and the dream for which we started our apparel and shoe company are still pure and simple and it's the drive behind it all, simply put, we love naturally made products and we want to teach our children the value of re-cycling, the ugly side of waste, and the beauty and value of sustainable fashion.

Our Roots

It was 2015, after a visit to Guatemala that the idea of designing goods for children was born. After many trips back to find the right suppliers, set up a sewing studio, finding and training the right seamstresses and cobblers, we have finally arrived!

Handmade is pure


What's in a name?

Mikoleón - (Kinkajou) also known as "honey bear" is not an endangered species...yet; native to the jungles of Central and South America, they eat fruits and live among trees. Mikoleón in Spanish means Monkey-Lion, and for us, it was the perfect name to describe the soul inside our company

Our Denim

We make our denim by collecting new waste from factories that make jeans; this waste is ground back into fiber, spun into new yarns, and woven into new sustainable fabrics. Our manufacturing process is chemical and dye free, and uses minimal water and energy.

Made sustainably

Our process reduces the consumption of new products, minimizes the waste of raw virgin material, and re-uses discarded textiles and fibers.

After creating our denim, we up-cycle our own waste from production. The final cotton waste that cannot be spun anymore is donated to farmers and coffee-growers to use as compost which serves as an organic fertilizer for their soil. Zero waste, indeed!

Sustainable textiles are just as current and progressive as any other conventional textiles; the difference is the story behind them.

We believe that beautiful and premium quality textiles should not cost the earth. We are all part of the problem, which means we can all be a part of the solution. We challenge ourselves to question our textile culture and aim to shift to new aesthetics providing a convenient and eco-­friendly option to reduce environmental degradation. 

Our Leather

We are inspired by the look and feel of vintage shoes, well used handbags, and stressed leather furniture. In order to replicate that vintage look, we use full grain leathers that have not been corrected or sanded down.

High quality materials

Our leather comes from high quality hide or skin with no sanding processes applied to its surface. After a base color is created with multiple applications of waxes and oils, the craftsman carefully builds up the finish with an expert’s touch.

Full Grain Leather refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to corrected grain) to remove the natural marks and imperfections from the surface of the hide, making it not only beautifully unique but also strong and durable for shoes and boots. It's the best quality leather available. 

Finding sustainable, fair trade, high quality raw materials is not an easy task, but we love to think of the beautiful products we'll be able to craft with these new leathers, and know you will love and appreciate what they stand for.  
Learn more about our leather.

Our Foot-loomed Cotton

Our Limited Edition Hand-loomed Cotton is woven in the highlands of Guatemala by Maya master weavers who use century old techniques that cannot be duplicated by machines. Our natural cotton is everything you want for your baby; soft, natural, and chemical free.


Guatemala is the motherland of hand-loomed textiles. For centuries, the beautiful hands of women, AND men, have used the back-strap and foot loom as their writing instrument to record their history, their dreams, and love of their country.

The markets in Guatemala are an attack on your senses with the explosion of colors! We have used a tamed color palette on our woven fabrics, but they still carry with every row the heart of our Mayan weavers.

We employ world class artisans who have amazing skills but limited platforms to sell their goods and make a living. With each item you purchase, you help us provide sustainable jobs to cobblers, seamstresses, weavers, crocheters, and leather craftsmen. 

Repurposed and Deadstock Textiles

Some of our accessories are made from repurposed Cortes (skirts Maya women wear) and Rebosos (baby wearing wrap) and deadstock fabrics. Cortes and Rebosos are made with a foot-loom, each design is typical of its region; each yard takes about 5-6 hours to weave!


A new life is then given to that old reboso by an artisan or artist who will repurpose it into a woman’s bag, or a clutch, a whimsical doll, or into a pair of summer sandals!

I’m in awe of the multi uses of their wardrobe, how a reboso, when done with that use becomes a tablecloth for the family, a folded reboso can be used to keep the sun or rain off their head, it can be used to keep you warm and it becomes a carrying cloth to bundle breads, groceries, or goods to be sold at the market; its life is extended by becoming a window cover, or a room partition, and when a mom is finally done with it, she takes it to market to be sold to buy more thread to make a new reboso. A new life is then given to that old reboso by an artisan or artist who will repurpose it into a woman’s bag, or a clutch, a whimsical doll, or into a pair of summer sandals! 

Our Bandanas, Scrunchies, Headbands and Denim Totes are made from dead stock (residual fabrics left over from major projects.) Instead of ending up in a landfill, these fabrics are repurposed for our accessories collection. Zero waste indeed!

Plant Based Natural Dyes

The only thing more natural than our new threads is your birthday suit! Discover the beauty of our cotton, dyed with natural plant based dyes, and foot loomed by skilled Art(isans) in the highlands of Guatemala!

Made by Artisans

Each lot color is unique because there are no chemical color formulas!

The cotton is boiled in the plant dye from ten to twenty minutes or when the artisan decides is a beautiful shade, and then is rinsed in cold water with banana tree bark to set the color. The water used to rinse the skein is then use to water their garden. No waste and no pollution!