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Shoe Size Chart

Shoe sizing
Please note that these are approximate measures. If you are not sure what size to get, measure your child's foot.

How to measure your child's foot:

Have her/him stand barefooted on a pice of paper.
Mark where her/his big toe ends.
Mark where her/his heel begins.
Measure the distance in between both marks with a rigid ruler.
Buy a size that's at least 1/4" longer than her/his actual foot, or 1/2" if shoes will be used with thicher socks and you want more wiggle room or room to grow into.

 Follow the chart above to pick the size you will need. We have included the "Heel to Toe" measure as a guide, this measure reflects the actual shoe form size in inches.

For example, if your child's foot measures 5.25" long, you would get a size 6/6.5 (Euro 22) which will leave about 1/2" for toes to wiggle.