Rainbow baby

Sara Perez

I enjoy living in the present with my children

My name is Sara Pérez and I've worked through many challenges as a woman, a single mother, and as an artisan who provides products to this shop, which is a company that has a human face and has given me support. I started working in the purchasing area, while there, I was told the very sad news that my son had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

I knew that I needed to be close to him in order for me to best take care of him. In response to this emergency, the Larsen family helped me continue to work while home by making macramé bracelets and floral combs. This way I could take care of my son and still earn money. God bless them. Because of David and their company, they knew I needed extra support, David organized and raised funds for the construction of my modest house and furnished it for me.

The company launched me as an artisan and now I can still be close to my son. I am able to alternate my time between morning and night to finish my work and take my son to the doctor for treatment. We are one of the eight families from San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Sacatepéquez, that have benefited personally from the orders of macramé bracelets.

The road has not been easy, but I do not faint, there have been other blessings along the way. Out of nine siblings, only three people in my family were able to study. I was blessed to graduate as a commercial secretary and be able to perform other roles. However, due to the need, I learned to work with macramé bracelets and typical honeycombs that I sell to David and their company, to support my children and also my parents.

I have career goals and I'm hopeful that I can prepare myself more to work with textiles and other crafts. For now, I live and enjoy the present with my children, especially with the one who is sick, because the future is uncertain for him and I don't know what will happen tomorrow.

Doña Cony Larsen is a great example for me because she motivates me and shows that she is a working woman. I know that I have the professional and moral support of David, his family, and their company and that helps me so much.