Rainbow baby

We start with the best raw and sustainably sourced materials; from our leathers to our laces, we choose only the best!

Customer Love

“Your boots are amazing! We have sized up in your heirloom boots for the last several several years and this year I Must say that the quality is even better!
Received a pair today and we are so excited about them. Thank you for providing excellent boots and your customer service has always been top notch too!!” @ang_224

Our Leather

Our leathers are certified full grain (not sanded to correct imperfections), this makes them stronger as the grain remains.

Our leather is not perfect, we see the small scratches or marks as character, not flaws. This means that your boots will have natural marks on the leather! If you want perfection then you should not buy them.

Leather tones

Our leather tones will change from lot to lot because of the nature of full grain leather (the grain is open and absorbs color differently from batch to batch) and
because we finish them with: Oils, Waxes, Paraffins.

Rather than heavy layers of pigments.
Our leathers are curated using oils and waxes and then tumbled, also, they are not heavily pigmented; this means your boots will absorb scuffs and will develop a patina, and they will get more suppled as you love them soft. We see this as a beautiful way of recording childhood memories.

Changes in our boots

Over the last three years we have change many things on our boots to make them even better, which is what we expect of ourselves and I’m sure you do too... The way the cobbler pulls on the leather to dress the shoe-form will also change the color of the leather in different areas! The color and tone will also change from lot to lot, so, the boots you purchased a year or two ago may not look the same as our new boots because even though we are doing the same process of color, the batch and lot will absorb the pigments differently! ...We order our leather two to three times a year, this means that our leather color and tones change slightly with each batch we receive from our vendor! what does this mean to you? If you own an original pair made prior to this year, our boots today will not have the same finishes in:

Our photos

Also, make sure you look at the photo on our site as that photo will be the most current or accurate color as much as possible, light makes it hard to show exactly the tone of the brown, for example, our Brave boots are this beautiful red color, however, in our photos it looks a little pinkish. Last, on Insta and Facebook, we repost many of our customers photos, however, we don’t know if they have used filters or what type of lighting the photographer used at the time of taking said shoots. Very last, as a small shop (we’re not Amazon or such) we offer a shop credit rather than refunds and we don’t consider a different tone of brown a manufacturer’s defect. Please make sure to look at our most recent photos online at mikoleon.com before you purchase. Thank you for supporting our shop this entire year, our hearts are always full because you have embraced handcrafted boots and shoes and that is a big deal to us and our cobblers in Guate! Big hugs with soul and soles!

Cony - Founder

All these elements pretty much make your boots one-of-a-kind.