Become an Affiliate Ambassador

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Ambassador Program. A little about this initiative. The Affiliate Ambassador Program’s main purpose is to provide a platform for customers that are not only fans of Mikoleon, but are knowledgeable about the brand, have a good eye for creating content using our products, and are ample comfortable with getting the word out about all-things Mikoleon. Being a Miko Affiliate Ambassador means that you are our go-to person to represent the brand, especially its presence on social media and would be helping us spread the word about our mission.

1. Already own a Mikoleon product(s).

2. You must love handmade shoes and bags if you are an influencer applying for yourself (and must love making extra disposable income from home doing what you love!).

3. Or, if applying for your children, you must have a baby ages 3m-15m old, or must have a child(ren) between the ages of 3 - 8 years old. Yes, that does mean that your child(ren) can age out of the program.

4. Must have a public Instagram account in the USA, no private accounts. No international accounts.

5. Must follow us and engage with our content on Instagram. Easy ways to engage with our content include: save, share, comment, like, tag friends, repost to your stories, and write honest reviews, etc.

6. You must turn on post notifications for Mikoleon (the little bell icon) so you can engage with our content when we post.

7. Must be willing to participate in polls, answer questions honestly, and provide feedback on new products.

1. Be a part of our Facebook Mikoleon Ambassadors group chat.

2. Frequently share your Share Code with your followers. This is for your personal pages, rep groups, and so on. When you make a story or a post on Instagram say something along the lines of “DM me for an exclusive discount”. Please do not post your code in Mikoleon VIP Facebook Group.

3. Create content showing off our shoes or any Miko item and share this content with us. Please note that a tag equals permission for us to use your content, but, we usually will always ask!

4. Post at least once a a week on your Instagram feed, Facebook VIP, or IG story, (the more the better!) Please tag us correctly using @mikoleonkids and for IG stories, use the "Support Small Business" sticker for our brand.

5. After you have used/worn one of our products, we ask that you do a product review on our site. This can be found under the product on the specific product page.

6. Be a positive light for our brand on social media As an ambassador, you are first in line to inform, defend and celebrate our brand! Whether through posting, commenting or shares, you help our brand be seen in a fun, creative and candid way.

1. Kickback! Earn 8% commission on every order that comes via your Share Code! Commission may be paid in Mikoleon shop credits or Check. Work from home doing what you love and get paid for it!

2. Share Code for your audience. This 10% Share Code is for your audience to use on their purchase, make sure to share this code with friends, family, and with everyone that follows you on your social channels.

3. Personal Code, this exclusive 15% discount code is for you! This is a private code and is for personal use only, different from your share code, please DO NOT SHARE your exclusive personal code with friends or family. Sharing your exclusive personal code may result in forfeiting your Ambassador membership.

4. Discounts will be active for the 4 months you are with us. Codes are good on all collections, including preorders, made to order, ready to ship, new drops, and last chance.

5. Insider information on our brand, 1st look at new product(s). Occasional early access to new designs.

6. A $50 shop credit to Mikoleon that you Giveaway on your platform on your LO’s birthday.

7. We will follow you on Instagram and support your page.

To become an Affiliate Ambassador, fill our Application form below.

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