Handcrafted is imperfect. Even though our cobblers are master craftsmen, they still use their hands to cut, pull, hammer, and glue; each step of the process leaves a human signature on every pair.

Our Children Leather Boots and Shoes are crafted from the best materials and highest workmanship. Designed to last beyond the three-week fashion industry's cycle, slow fashion at its best.


Children's Boots & Shoes

Our leather is responsibly sourced from our award-winning tannery. Our leather comes from one of the 10 best leather tanneries on earth! Everyone knows that a great leather product starts with great leather. It starts with the expertise of the tannery, where rawhides are transformed into the highest quality leather through the alchemy of the tanning process. Each piece of leather is hand-cut and handcrafted by artisans that partner with us to deliver to you the most authentic artisan-made products. 


Women/Men Products

Our Preorder events are usually on:

Thursdays at 6 p.m. PST [7mt 8ct 9et ]

How a Preorder event works

We will be taking pre-orders until production limits are reached. Please note that we usually sell pretty fast, event may be up from 1 minute to sometimes an hour depending on the season and style. It may be less or more depending on how fast we hit our production limits.


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Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Ambassador Program. A little about this initiative. The Affiliate Ambassador Program’s main purpose is to provide a platform for customers that are not only fans of Mikoleon, but are knowledgeable about the brand, have a good eye for creating content using our products, and are ample comfortable with getting the word out about all-things Mikoleon.

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Thank you for your interest in our products. We are so happy to introduce you to our line of luxury leather shoes and accessories! We are a small shop based in Lehi, Utah and our workshop is in Antigua, Guatemala. Our artisans are first class world craftsmen with over 200 years of combined experience making shoes and bags.

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