Wool Momos Blanket Ombre Mustard

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Our wool blankets are made in the Highlands of Guatemala by don Byron Larac. The colors are natural dyes from local plants and tree bark. Size: 72" x 48"

Why we love them
Artisan Partnership
100% Wool
Cruelty Free
Trade Fair

MM1002 - Wool Momos Blanket Ombre Salmon

Wool Momos Blanket Ombre Salmon

MM1003 - Wool Momos Blanket Ombre Olive Green

Wool Momos Blanket Ombre Olive Green

MM1001 - Wool Momos Blanket Ombre Mustard

I made your blankets

I am Byron Larac

We are preserving our identity.

The effort, creativity, and skill of our hands are converted into fabrics, shapes, colors, garments and other crafts that travel the world, thanks to Industrias Xela*. This company guides my team and I in our designs, promotes our products and makes them available to customers everywhere.

The entire chain of production, marketing and sales not only generates work in our communities, but it also motivates us to continue fighting for a better life. Our work helps to provide food, housing, health, education and entertainment to our parents, siblings and neighbors.

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Handmade by Artisans

Artisanal products differ from fast fashion products in that they are made in a traditional or non-mechanized way. Artisanal products are hand-crafted by skilled cobblers in small quantities with high quality and design in mind; using techniques that cannot be replicated by machines!

Power in Your Purchase

Thank you for helping us make our world a better place. Your purchase helps us to employ skilled artisans who in turn are able to earn an income to provide for their families!