made to order

We have incorporated a new ordering feature at Mikoleon called
Made-To-Order (MTO.)

Some basics of how an MTO works:

1- Place your order as usual and check out as usual, notice that the button now reads: “Made to Order
2- Instead of waiting until Thursday and Friday’s to order, what we typically do for our Preorders, MTO’s can be placed any day of the week!
3- We receive your MTO order and start working on it right away! We are making your product especially for you!
4- It will typically take our cobblers and artisans three weeks to make your order. Additionally, allow one week for USPS to deliver.
5- MTO’s can always be ordered. Preorders on the other hand, last until our production limits are reached, once preorder is closed, items become “out of stock.”

Benefits of MTO:

• You can order whenever, wherever! Not restricted to a Preorder schedule!
• MTO’s contribute directly to a “slow fashion” manufacturing process.
• Though this process can make for a longer delivery time, it helps us to run a greener shop!
• No overproduction, no landfill waste, only making what you need!

As of now, we only have our Heirloom (classic) brown and all Dressember dresses available for Made-To-Order.
We look forward to making more products available for MTO in the future! (9/20/2020)

Made-To-Order’s help us at Mikoleon serve the individual better, alongside contributing to the fashion industry in a non-wasteful way.
Our cobblers and artisans in Guatemala are working against many COVID-19 related challenges so
we are grateful for each and every order we receive and for your patience!

With love,

The Mikoleon Team