Dressember x Mikoleon

MTO's can be placed any day of the week, not just Thursdays and Fridays like our preorders. You place the order, we make the product especially for you! Though this process can make for a longer delivery time, it helps us to run a greener shop. No overproduction, no landfill waste, only making what you need!


We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dressember to bring you these dresses! From our beautiful Dolores Kaftan Clay and our Sol Dress in Maya Gold, to our Amelia dresses in the respective patterns, we bring quality dresses that not only provide jobs for our Miko family in Guatemala and support a cause that fights against human trafficking.

Currently in the world there are 40 million people involved in human trafficking. About one in four of those trafficked are children and this horrible industry generates about $150 billion a year. (Dressember, 2020). Human trafficking is an awful reality for too many that could take... Read more...

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