Rainbow baby

Do you remember making braided friendship bracelets as a kid? Were you the crafty kid who braided homemade bracelets and anklets to sell as jewelry at recess? Maybe you were the kid that begged your mom to buy you a multi-colored pack of string from the store so you could bring it to a sleepover. Most of us have had some type of experience with macrame bracelets before, and we’ve loved them for their simplicity and charm. Even if you’ve never made or worn a macrame bracelet before, one thing that everyone can recognize is that the quality of our Fall/Winter Macrame Lava Bracelet collection is anything but juvenile.

The Artisan Behind The Bracelet

Sara, our amazing artisan, crafted each bracelet with detailed technique, so each one is durable and beautiful. These bracelets were the project that inspired the platform Miko Marketplace. Sara is one of our cherished artisans in Guatemala. When personal tragedy struck, her son Fares was diagnosed with colon cancer. She suddenly needed to stay home with her son while still being able to earn money. With Sara’s skill and the support of our Miko team, she created these beautiful lava bracelets and was able to get back on her feet. Thus, Miko Marketplace was born.

What Makes Our Bracelets So Special?

For this Miko Marketplace exclusive, we’ve compiled a Fall/Winter Collection of Macrame Lava Bracelet Sets. All of our macrame bracelets are made with enclosed thread (waxed polyester cord), authentic lava rock and glass beads. All materials are from Guatemala and may vary in shade and size. With adjustable strings, these adult bracelets will fit most wrists. An exciting feature that the lava rocks offer is due to the pores in the stones, they can absorb oils! Dab some of our essential oil into the stone and brew a natural spa aroma on your wrist for all-day relaxation.

Why the Lava Rock? Sara wanted to create jewelry that was beautiful, simple, yet had a practical use. Due to the stress of Fare’s diagnosis at his young age, he struggled with a lot of daily anxiety. Sara decided to incorporate Lava Rocks into her bracelets to act as a stylish vessel with essential oil benefits. Sara places a drop of Lavender oil on the stone, which it then absorbs, and it helps her son Fares relax and calm his anxiety. Like Sara’s son, many people have to deal with high levels of anxiety and stress due to unlimited kinds of circumstances. We could all use a little extra relaxation during 2020 and these bracelets are an easy and stylish way to help you out!

Sara Lava Bracelets - Earth Set

Inspired by the deep greenery and vegetation that flourishes our earth. Green macrame with white lava rock Fully beaded Amber glass beads with white lava rock. Black macrame with black lava rock

Sara Lava Bracelets - Neive Set

Inspired by the icy tones and cool snow of the winter season. White macrame with white lava rock White and grey lava rock fully beaded Blue macrame with white lava rock

Lava Bracelet - Fuego Set

Inspired by the warm embers and energetic sparks of a fire. Red macrame with white lava rock. Black macrame with white lava rock. Maroon macrame with white lava rock.

Sara Lava Bracelets - Terra Set

Inspired by the rich, abundant terrain that grounds everyone as one. Brown macrame with white lava rock. Fully beaded Coffee glass beads with white lava rock. Black macrame with black lava rock.

Lava Bracelets - Perez Set

Lava Bracelets - Perez Set

The Perez family was the very first Miko Marketplace project to take place. These bracelet sets inspired the idea for Miko Marketplace. This bracelet set includes all three of the original lava bracelets inspired by the Perez family. Sara, a strong red color with a white lava rock; Alex, black with a white lava rock and Fares with black macrame and a black lava rock.

Lava Bracelet - Sara

Lava Bracelet - Sara

Inspired by the incredible woman herself, our Sara Macrame Bracelet is a bright red color white a white lava rock to represent the personal strength and amazing energy of our artisan Sara Perez.

Lava Bracelet - Alex

Inspired by Alex Perez, one of the sons of our macrame artisan, Sara. The black thread and white lava stone represent peace, balance and the supportive bonds that families create together.

Lava Bracelet - Fares

Inspired by Fares Perez, the son of our macrame artisan, Sara. The black thread and black lava stone represent us standing in solidarity with Alex and the health challenges he faces.

Sara’s collection of Lava Bracelets will be available to purchase on our site starting December 11th 6 p.m. PST. You can buy Sara’s Collections as singles or as a stack/set. Buy two and get a free bottle of essential oils!
As always, thank you for supporting our artisans. Your purchase has power, the power to help single mothers provide time and a living for their families. Read Sara’s full story in our Artisan Directory.