Rainbow baby

We’re Thrilled to Introduce Miko Baby!

Mikoleon has been a brand developed to have an eclectic inventory of unique and classic products. We started with creating kids sandals and boots to eventually designing womens and mens shoes. Although we’ve “dipped our toes” into the baby industry we’re now ready to completely launch our new line of baby concentrated products.


What is Miko Baby?

Miko Baby is a sub-collection within our brand Mikoleon. All of our products are still signature Mikoleon products. This means that they are made with full grain leather and natural materials that are keepsake worthy. Our baby products line is another way to help support our incredible artisans and cobblers in Guatemala! This collection gives them another platform to show their creative talents and in turn assists them in providing for their families and communities in ways that they previously weren’t able to. All Miko Baby products are hand-crafted with exceptional artisanal technique, always in highly ethical and trade fair manners. By working with our artisans and typically selling product via preorders or made-to-orders, we are able to contribute to the slow fashion industry and create less material waste.

How Miko Baby Came to Be?

Our very first baby bootie product that we dropped was our Rainbow Baby Varsity Shoe and was sold as a general Mikoleon shoe. It was dedicated to all of our Rainbow Babies and Rainbow Mamas. The story of a Rainbow Baby begins with the 15% of women who experience the loss of a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death during infancy. The Rainbow Baby term is used to describe the birth of a healthy baby after the devastating loss of a child. The Rainbow Baby symbolizes the hope and light after the storm of devastation and loss. Rainbow Babies are the personification of hope and love. After hearing all of your incredible stories and experiences with Rainbow Babies (plus a major desire for more baby products,) we were inspired to create the Miko Baby line!

Rainbow baby

Miko Baby Products You Can Expect Soon

What are some of the goodies that you can look forward to in our Miko Baby collection? Shoes! (duh!) However, unlike our toddler shoes, our baby booties are made especially for pre-walking babies! We’ve made sure to use extra soft leather for soft soles, with roomy space for your baby’s feet to grow. We were delighted to create our Rainbow Baby shoes and from here on out, all of our baby shoes and products are now dedicated to every babe around the world. We’ll be dropping new baby shoes in new styles and leather colors! To name a few: Baby Keepsake Booties, Baby Keepsake Chukkas and more! All of these baby booties are unisex, so they can be passed down from baby to baby easily.

Rainbow baby

In addition to baby booties, we have beautiful Guatemala inspired accessories in the works. Our first Miko Baby accessory we’ll be launching is our Ring Sling Rebozo. Read more about this incredible traditional and exquisite product here.

We are so happy that all of you parents with babies are now able to enjoy even more of our Miko products. We can’t wait to show you what other mini goods we’ve been working on, so stay tuned!

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