Rainbow baby

Is your baby wearing the correct shoe?

Many don’t realize that there is a lot that goes into choosing the correct shoe for your young baby. Although a shoe may be cute, it’s important to consider the shoe form and materials used. When some baby shoes are worn, it can actually make learning to walk more difficult and can hinder the natural growth of a baby’s foot. We’re here to make it easy with tips on picking the best shoes for your baby and bootie recommendations of our own!

The first thing to understand is that Babies and crawlers do not need shoes. As an accessory, we suggest pre-walking booties such as our Baby Keepsakes for comfort and style.

Here are some tips on sizing for your little!


  • • There should be about a quarter inch of space between your child's toes and the front of the booties.
  • • Our Keepsake booties have rounded toe boxes, as they provide more wiggle and growth room for toes!
  • • Our booties insides are made from natural materials with a soft and flexible sole.
    *For more information on how to choose baby shoes, please refer to The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society