We wear our values on our soles...literally. Look on the bottom of your Mikoleon Heirloom or Heritage boot and you will find a secret affirmation!

Some past affirmations on the soles of our kid’s shoes have said “I am Brave,” “I am Strong” or “I am Kind” – but on our women’s Heritage boots, you’ll find the saying “Be Awesome.”

Women are Awesome!

We chose this as our first women’s boot affirmation because women are literally awesome! Yes, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and has to go through learning curves, but just because someone is facing a challenge in their life doesn’t change their inner value – or their inner awesomeness. Have you ever felt like you were in a “funk” and then you hear one of your favorite songs or have a meaningful conversation from a loved one and then you “snap out of it?” Messages, whether through song or conversation, can be powerful in helping us shift our inner dialogue to one of positivity, forgiveness and self-love.


We’ve been thinking about other affirmations or reminders that we feel are helpful to hear. As a woman owned company with many women employees, we have a few thoughts on this matter. Whether these affirmations end up on our shoes or not, we hope that some of the below messages may stick with you and that you may call them to memory when you’re in need of a positive reminder:

• Be Awesome
• Be Creative
• Be Compassionate
• Be Positive
• Be Humble
• Be Grateful
• Be Smart
• Be Genuine
• Be Purposeful
• Be Iconic

Share What You Love!

Which of these affirmations rings true to you? We encourage you to be thoughtful about these messages and to share them with your friends, peers and family. Post the affirmations that you love on social media and tag us at @mikoleonkids! Sometimes all it takes is a little friendly reminder for us to remember our potential and how truly awesome we are.