Within our brand, we make sure to create equal opportunities for all of our employees, especially the women. We are so proud to have women in leadership positions in our U.S. and Guatemalan teams. As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we wanted to highlight some, out of the many, awesome women employees at Mikoleon in Guatemala.

Edlyn Montezumo

Human Resources Manager

“Hi, I’m Edlyn Montezumo, manager of the company HR department. This Woman’s History Month I feel strong, motivated and happy to be a woman with a voice. I have the opportunity to have a job that is usually run by men. Yet here I am with the support of this company, making a change. All the while, showing many other women that times have changed! We are now integral in society as productive women!”

Ginny Herrera

Sr. Buyer

My name is Ginny Herrera. This month is more than a celebration, it is a significant commemoration of an achievement of gender equality. This equality does not exist only on paper, but is a reality in this company in how we are really considered equal and capable of doing things well. I am a widow and I have raised my children and my grandchildren and I have fulfilled myself professionally. I am grateful to this company that has given me the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities, coordinating the purchasing department, where the majority of the members are male. I am a woman and I am proud to be one and to show the world that women can, with determination and integrity.

Stefany Aldana

Sr. Designer and Manager of Design Department

Hello, my name is Stefany Aldana, I am a graphic designer. I come from a family which has instilled in me, since I was little, that a person is capable of achieving all their goals with effort and perseverance. I am proud of the position I currently occupy as the senior designer. I feel a lot of passion for what I do and in this month of women, I encourage everyone to fulfill their goals. That they always keep in mind that they are capable, valuable and unique.

Mirza Garcia

Research and Development Manager

My name is Mirza Garcia, this month is something to be commemorated and celebrated because we [as women] are unique. I am a fighter, warrior, powerful, successful person and above all, proud of what I represent. I feel happy and blessed to belong to this company that has given me the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities, values, virtues, attitudes and confidence.

Beatriz Velasquez

Assistant to Head of Research & Development

My name is Beatriz Velásquez and this month of commemoration of women is very important for me. We [as women] always fight day by day, despite adversity. We continue to stand, achieving our goals and above all being happy and seeing life in the color of a rainbow. I also feel very happy to belong to this company that gives me the opportunity to grow and to be able to put my virtue and capacity into practice.

Patricia Monzon

Assistant to Head of Research & Development

My name is Patricia Monzón. I thank the brand for giving me the opportunity to work and grow personally, because for me, it is a privilege to be a woman, daughter, sister, friend and a mother. In this memorable month dedicated to women, it makes us [women] aware and helps us to motivate ourselves to accomplish more. We are capable of flying, creating new and very significant things, because we are all God's perfect creations.

Creating Fair Opportunities for Women

All of these incredible women greatly contribute to our company in Guatemala. They are fabulous and hard working women that lead with love and talent. We’re so grateful for their examples of strength and for what they bring to our Mikoleon family.

We encourage everyone, whether among your families, peers or communities, that you support a platform for women to succeed! Women have so many talents and can bring a wonderful and unique perspective to any situation if they are given the opportunity. As we look back on and learn about the struggles that many women have gone through to be given equal rights, we should celebrate how far we’ve come in most societies! By celebrating the women that have and are currently achieving, we are supporting them in their equal and deserving societal roles. We are paving the way for future generations to recognize the importance of keeping the door open for women to thrive.

To learn more about how Mikoleon supports women, read about our work with the Creamos Futuros organization.

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