Dirt Kickers Boots Avocado [Western Leather Boots]

By Avery Taylor

All You Need to Know About Children’s Cowboy Boots

Many parents ask, “What is the best shoe to buy for my child that will go with everything?” and we always tell them the same thing: cowboy boots! In the last decade, cowboy boots have taken the fashion world by storm and our style forecasters don’t see the cowboy boot trend slowing down anytime soon; this trend is here to stay! Last year we did a blog post all about the history of western boots that you can read here, but now we want to focus on children’s cowboy boots: whether it’s worth it to buy real leather, how they should fit on your child’s feet, and how to style them!

Our signature child’s cowboy boots – better known as our famous Dirt Kickers – are premium full-grain leather boots handmade and stitched by real Guatemalan master cobblers. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality leather and craftsmanship, especially when it comes to kids’ shoes. We go above and beyond to ensure that your little one’s boots are extra durable and will protect even the most active child’s feet. This means we add gel insoles to cushion your child’s arches through long days of school and play, we reinforce our boots with double-stitching for sturdiness, we use a special vegetable tanning method for our Dirt Kickers all-leather soles, and we add on rubber slip guards to keep your little one safe! 

Now, let us answer a few commonly asked questions about kids’ cowboy boots!


Dirt Kickers Boots Jazy [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots Jazzy

How Should My Child’s Cowboy Boots Fit? 

If you’re an adult who has worn cowboy boots, you’re probably familiar with the discomfort of breaking in a new pair. That said, children’s cowboy boots should not have a painful breaking-in period; they should be comfortable and fit well from the very first wear, so making sure that you measure your child’s feet to get the perfect size is very important. Adult cowboy boots often feature a dramatically pointed toe for style, but children’s cowboy boots must accommodate growing bones and give your kids’ toes room to stretch, so we recommend boots with a squared or rounded toe like the one on our Dirt Kickers! We also recommend cowboy boots with memory foam or gel insoles to minimize blisters on little feet and support their delicate arches.

Dirt Kickers Boots Mocca [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots Mocca 


How Is it Worth It To Buy Real Leather Cowboy Boots If My Child Will Grow Out Of Them?

The short answer is yes, real leather is worth it. Faux-leather is made of stiff polyester fibers and vinyl – essentially plastic – and the tough, rigid texture of the material makes most fake leathers very susceptible to causing blisters and foot pain. Moreover, fake leather doesn’t breathe the way organic animal hides do, which leads to sweaty feet, bad odors, and the potential growth of bacteria or fungus. Fake leather is also difficult to care for when it tears or gets scratched because of its plastic-like quality, but authentic leather wears in beautifully and can be buffed and refreshed with a bit of Smith’s leather balm. Overall, genuine full-grain leather is softer and more durable than fake leather, which means that your child’s shoes will stay beautiful and strong for years to come. In fact, we predict that you will pass your child’s Dirt Kickers onto the next sibling or cousin for years more wear.


Dirt Kickers Boots Mocca [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots Mocca 

How Can I Style My Child’s Cowboy Boots?

Gone are the days where cowboy boots = country. Although cowboy boots are obviously still the ideal shoe for the rodeo, for western parties, for picnics and barbeques, and for your child’s Halloween cowgirl/cowboy costume, cowboy boots are no longer limited to frontier-chic style. In 2023, we’re seeing children’s cowboy boots being styled with almost every aesthetic imaginable – from preppy to sporty to glam to artsy and more. The possibilities are endless with this timeless, playful shoe.

Dirt Kickers Boots Mocca [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots Mocca

If you have a girlie-girl who loves all things sparkly and glamorous, style her favorite tulle skirt with a pair of
pink cowgirl boots, or add some shimmer to her favorite unicorn tee with some metallic rose gold Dirt Kickers, and don’t forget the unicorn boot charm! If your daughter has a bit of retro flair, add some white Dirt Kickers with fringed tassels to her vintage bell-bottoms and heart-shaped sunglasses for the cutest rock-n-roll ensemble. If neutrals are your aesthetic, you can’t beat a pair of sassy cowgirl boots in tasteful Bone or chic Sand to level up any school or shopping day outfit.

Dirt Kickers Boots Butter [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots Butter

For little boys, classic mocca brown or black cowboy boots are a must-have for school picture day, a casual play date, or a family trip to the pumpkin patch! Dirt Kickers can be dressed up with slacks and collared shirt or dressed down with jeans and a tee shirt for a regular day at school. Go bold with red cowboy boots and shorts for a cool summer look, and make sure to throw on a couple of our leather star boot charms for the Fourth of July. In colder weather, put your little guy in a flannel, a beanie, and his Dirt Kickers and watch him turn into the cutest little lumberjack!

Dirt Kickers Boots Rosewood [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots Rosewood

Really, there’s no end to the ways you can make cowboy boots a staple of your child’s wardrobe. We offer our handcrafted full-grain leather Dirt Kickers in a whole rainbow of colors and patterns for you and your little one to choose from to fit any child’s personal style! For more inspiration, check out our Instagram page!

Dirt Kickers Boots White [Western Leather Boots]

Dirt Kickers Boots White

Dirt Kickers Boots [Western Leather Boots]

 Leather Western Boots Dirt Kickers