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By Avery Taylor

All You Need to Know About Women’s and Children’s Western Leather Boots

Over the years we’ve seen the evolution of the Western leather boot go from utilitarian attire made for frontiersmen and farmers to an iconic fashion piece for everyday wear. These days, the Western leather boot is a style staple for women and children that speaks of casual elegance, durable comfort, and rustic charm.


Long before the days of the Wild West, there were several different styles of tall boots that influenced the design of the Western boot as we know it today. There were Hessian boots, which were military riding boots made for horsemen in the 19th century and featured a rounded toe and a slight heel that wasn’t as extreme as the heel on the modern cowboy boot. British Wellington boots were another influence, which were like lighter, more flexible Hessian boots meant for everyday wear. Finally, there were leather boots worn by the Spanish
vaqueros that were designed for cattle herding and had a profile quite similar to the Western boots we know and love today.

Another influence on the modern Western boot was Hollywood. Costume makers for Western films in the 1950s and 1960s wanted their work to stand out on screen and make the Old West look beautiful and idyllic, so they stitched flowers and extravagant designs into the leatherwork of the boots, and added eye-catching fringes, tassels, and colorful leather

Though the original Western boots were made for men, they have become just as versatile and wearable for women and children over the years.

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There are a few quintessential rules that every Western boot follows that make the boots so recognizable. They all have a slightly-rounded pointed toe, which helped the original cowboys fit their boots into the stirrups on their saddles! They also have an elevated wedge heel called a “Cuban heel” and are meant to be made out of thick, durable leather. 

One style choice to consider is the height of the boot. Traditional cowboy boots were almost knee-high to protect the legs from debris and the elements. Our Etta boots offer a more traditional profile for women who want a classic cowgirl look, with a slight heel and a perfect calf-height upper. Our children’s Dirt Kickers match the style and height of our Etta boot — the ideal Western style for your little cowboy or cowgirl.

For women who want a Western boot that’s slightly more urban, try a shorter Western-style bootie for a look that’s a little less “country.” Our Adela boot has a shortened upper that sits just above the ankle, for a casual city cowgirl vibe.

Contemporary Western boots don’t have to look so plain and simple anymore. In 2022, Western boots come in a rainbow of colors, stains, and finishes to fit every personality. Blush pink softens edge of the Western boot and is a popular choice for women and girls, Bone is the ultimate “cool girl” color, and white leather is an elegant twist on a classic. Western boots can even be metallic for an extra pop of sass!

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Etta Western Boots Cafe


Quality of Leather

Not all leather is created equal. Many tanneries cut corners to save costs, and the quality and longevity of their products suffer the consequences. Gone are the days of dried-out, plasticky-looking leather cowgirl boots. When choosing a pair of Western boots, you need to consider the grade of the natural grain of cowhide that the boots were made from. 

There are several terms used to describe the quality of the leather used to make a pair of Western boots, and these terms can be confusing and deceptive. If you find a pair of boots labeled “genuine leather,” you may think you’re getting a high quality product, but you’d be surprised to find out that “genuine leather” refers to a material made from cast-off scraps and leftover bits of animal hide, chemically treated to look like a natural piece of leather. 

“Corrected grain” and “top-grain” leather also sound like nice, premium leather options, but they come from blemished animal hides that are physically sanded down and treated with harsh chemicals to appear smoother and disguise their flaws. 

The best option for anyone looking for beautiful Western boots made from the highest quality leather available is to make sure their boots are made of full-grain leather, which is tanned through a gentle process that sustains the natural beauty and integrity of the cowhide for the softest, finest, and most durable leather boots on the market. 

Mikoleón uses only exquisite, superior full-grain leather for our children’s and women’s Western boots, and the difference is clear: our leather Western boots are supple and flexible, and guaranteed to be strong and long-lasting.

 Adela Western Boots Bone [Women's Leather Boots]

Adela Western Boots Bone

Extra Features

Tassels and fringe were a classic part of frontier fashion, so many Western boots still incorporate fringed cuffs, stylized borders, and aesthetic tassels. We love adding tassels to both our women’s and our children’s Western boots — they’re chic and playful at once, giving traditional Western boots extra movement and whimsy. Our tassels are removable so that you get to decide when you want simplicity and when you want a bit of flair.

Charms are another fantastic option for children who want to add a little extra personality to their Western boots. Charms are simple and temporary, and can easily be swapped out to change the vibe of a child’s boots depending on the occasion. For example, our Stars charms add a vintage patriotic look, perfect for the rodeo or the 4th of July. Meanwhile, our Hearts and Unicorn charms are sweet and feminine, the perfect addition for your little girl’s Kickers!

Women’s and children’s Western boots are a classic that aren’t going out of style. They can be dressed up or down for a shopping day or a summer BBQ or a night on the town. Let’s see some love for your Western leather boots!

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