Those of you who have been a part of the Mikoleon family for a while now know that we value producing quality products that are made by talented artisans. A major reason for why Mikoleon began in the first place was to not only create products, but for us to give back to the people of Guatemala by providing jobs for the incredible artisans, cobblers, seamstresses and more that were in need of work. Teaming up with The Adventure Dress was an easy choice, as they are a company that prioritizes helping out artisans in need by designing dresses that are made specifically by women for women.

The Adventure Dress is a company that was created by the idea of designing the perfect multi-use travel dress for women. This dress is “meant to empower women across the globe. From the Design, to the Fabric, to the Stitching, to the women who wear it… we leave no one behind.” (The Adventure Dress, 2020).

Why We Are Collaborating

Some similarities between Miko and Adventure is that we both create products that are a way for us to support artisans. While ours are in Guatemala, Adventure’s are in Bali! We both believe in contributing to the fashion industry in a sustainable way, so we are more than happy to support each other in this collaboration! To show gratitude to our Miko family (you!), we are offering a 10% universal discount, valid between the dates of 9/14/2020 - 9/20/2020. The code is: ADVENTUREXMIKO and can be used at or, some restrictions may apply.

Because The Adventure Dress is all about travel, we were thinking what better way to pack for a dream vacation than to bring along your reliable Mikoleon shoes! Some shoes that go perfect with the Adventure Dress are our women’s Chelsea and Logan boots! Classic styles, beautiful leather and reliable comfort to carry your feet on whatever adventures await you!

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With love,

The Mikoleon Team

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