Mikoleon Leather Boots: Heirloom Bootss Brown For Kids

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If you own an original pair made prior to this year, our boots today will not have the same finishes in leather, inside lining, slip guards, laces, etc., you get the point.

Also, make sure you look at the photo on our site as that photo will be the most current or accurate color as much as possible, light makes it hard to show exactly the tone of the brown, for example, our Brave boots are this beautiful red color, however, in our photos it looks a little pinkish.

Last, on Instagram and Facebook, we repost many of our customer's photos, however, we don’t know if they have used filters or what type of lighting the photographer used at the time of taking said shoots.

Very last, as a small shop (we’re not Amazon or such) we offer a shop credit rather than refunds and we don’t consider a different tone of brown a manufacturer’s defect. Please make sure to look at our most recent photos online at mikoleon.com before you purchase.

Mikoleon Leather Boots: Heirloom Boots