Dirt Kickers Boots Brown

  • WMK900
  • Unisex

Tassels NOT INCLUDED. To purchase TASSELS click here!

Our original Dirt Kickers feature our classic leather that will match any outfit, western styled or not. These versatile unisex boots can be worn all year long. Imagine your littles at a family picnic in the park or running around the pumpkin patch while wearing these boots, talk about adorable!

As always, our Dirt Kickers are made with full grain leather, medium width, vegetable tanned leather soles for durability. Artisan handcrafted, easy to walk in and excellent durability for whatever activities come your way! Our Dirt Kickers are crafted from the best materials and highest workmanship. Designed to last beyond the three-week fashion industry's cycle, this is slow fashion at its best. Go ahead, zoom in, and check how with full grain leather you are getting the real deal, beautifully imperfect! 

Don’t forget to pair your Dirt Kickers with a matching set of leather Tassels! Easy to snap on and off and they add a fun fringe movement every time you take a step. Snap on a set to perfectly match the color of your boots or try a contrasting shade to add a pop of color to your Kickers! Collect all four tassel sets to mix and match throughout the year, your little will love the variety!

A note about sizing...
lease measure before you buy! Our sizes run different than what your child may currently be using, so the best thing is to measure. Do not size up, our customers report they run TTS (true to size); our boots already include extra space for socks and growth.

MEASURE TWICE BUY ONCE: Please note that we no longer offer one free size exchange for children's shoes and boots. Always measure first with sock and then look up our size chart for the best fit.

Kickers Size Chart USA 1

Printable Size Chart

Read more about our leather and the history of our leather shoes!


Why we love them
Artisan Handcrafted
Full Grain Leather
Leather Soles

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WMK900 - Dirt Kickers Boots Brown

How we make them

A craftsman cuts the leather by hand, choosing the leather carefully and making sure that he follows the grain of the leather, his expert eye tells him the best way to cut each piece. He then sews each piece with accuracy and exactness only seasoned cobblers have mastered. Each upper body is placed then in the shoe form and with skilled and strength, the master cobbler dresses the form and prepares it to attach the leather sole. The soles are then layered, one on top of another, he then cuts and sands the leather to perfection. Once the glue is dry the leather Artisan then carefully builds-up the finish with an expert’s eye, and touch, to achieve an aged patina in just the right places to reflect the aged qualities only time, wear, and frequent care could have accomplished naturally.