Koa Sandals White

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Our sandals are made from Full Grain leather. Full grain refers to hides that have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed (as opposed to corrected grain) to remove imperfections (or natural marks) on the surface of the hide, beautifully imperfect! 

Full grain leathers display the natural markings and grain characteristics from the animal of which it was taken. The "grain" also remains allowing the fiber strength and durability. Each strand is hand cut to form the intricate basket weave! All handcrafted in Antigua Guatemala by skilled artisans who love their craft. 

Perfect for warm summer days ahead. This is slow fashion at its best! Good for artisans, good for our earth, good for you!

Handcrafted. Vegetable tanned leather soles. High performance insoles. Classic. Connected. Natural. Fair trade. Eco-cool.

A note about our leather...

Why we love them
Artisan Handcrafted
Full Grain Leather
High Performance Insoles

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How we make them

Our products are beautifully exclusive In traditional Maya ceremonies and special events, bracelets, breastplates and other ancestral leather clothing was used. These types of products were the origins of how leather was used in Guatemala. Industrias Xela takes after this precedent in the artistry of leather working, called Marroquinería.