Cotton Mask Ear Elastic Soft Pink

  • MK2055
  • Unisex
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Our Masks are made from foot-loomed cotton weaved by our artisans. Our thoughtful design includes: Made from 100% cotton, loomed in Guatemala. Stay cool 100% cotton lining. Easy ear elastic or head elastic. Inside "pouch" to insert a filter (filter not included,) nose case to insert wire if desired (wire not included.)


      Handmade by Artisans

      Artisanal products differ from fast fashion products in that they are made in a traditional or non-mechanized way. Artisanal products are hand-crafted by skilled cobblers in small quantities with high quality and design in mind; using techniques that cannot be replicated by machines!

      Power in Your Purchase

      Thank you for helping us make our world a better place. Your purchase helps us to employ skilled artisans who in turn are able to earn an income to provide for their families!