Belt Bag Wild Thing [Women's Leather Bag]

  • MK211434
  • Unisex


We set out to design the perfect Belt bag and we’re thrilled with the results!
Our Belt Bag features a beautiful and practical design, made from one of our favorite Italian full grain Leathers. Unisex. Use as a hip Belt Bag or a Crossbody Bag.
Take special care of your clutch as the pattern is unique and requires special attention. DO NOT use anything with acidic properties to clean. Never use lemon / lime juice, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes or anything with alcohol in it to clean. ONLY USE Smith’s Leather Balm and a damp (with water) towel to condition and clean.

Our leather comes from one of the 10 best leather tanneries on earth! Everyone knows that a great leather product starts with great leather. It starts with the expertise of the tannery, where rawhides are transformed into the highest quality leather through the alchemy of the tanning process. There are countless tanneries out there — really, we’ve reviewed everything from Italian to Indonesian — but if you’re looking for the best possible product, you can put your confidence in our name, we’ve done the research!

Feel the spirit of handcrafted, the human touch of the leather craftsman and artisan cobbler, the beauty of imperfect, the soul of time and experience.


Full-grain leather. Handcrafted. Metal Hardware. Made in Guatemala. Zipper closure. One front pocket. One back pocket. Leather lining.


Our leather is responsibly sourced from our award-winning tannery. Each piece of leather is hand-cut and handcrafted by artisans that partner with us to deliver to you the most authentic artisan-made products.


Medium - All Leather Belt Bag Top Length 11 3/4" W x 5" H x 3 1/4" D. The removable and adjustable belt was designed to be used as a hip bag or crossbody and it comes in three sizes: X-S, M-L, X-2X.

Belt sizes: Leather Belt XS-SM can be adjusted from 19.5" to 33.5" Leather Belt MD-LG can be adjusted from 25" to 39" Leather Belt XL-XXL can be adjusted from 24.5" to 46"

Why we love them
. Artisan Handcrafted
. Full Grain Leather
. Sustainable
Trade Fair

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How we make them

Our products are beautifully exclusive In traditional Maya ceremonies and special events, bracelets, breastplates and other ancestral leather clothing was used. These types of products were the origins of how leather was used in Guatemala. Industrias Xela takes after this precedent in the artistry of leather working, called Marroquinería.


Handmade by Artisans

Artisanal products differ from fast fashion products in that they are made in a traditional or non-mechanized way. Artisanal products are hand-crafted by skilled cobblers in small quantities with high quality and design in mind; using techniques that cannot be replicated by machines!

Power in Your Purchase

Thank you for helping us make our world a better place. Your purchase helps us to employ skilled artisans who in turn are able to earn an income to provide for their families!