Shoe Size Chart - Women

Shoe sizing

Please note that these are approximate measures. If you are not sure what size to get, measure your foot.

How to measure your foot:

Stand straight and with feet apart on a piece of paper. Have someone help you trace your feet on the paper. Once you've traced your feet, with a metal ruler, measure de distance between the heel and your longest toe. Go to the indicated chart, and choose a size that is at least 1/4" longer than your actual foot, if you want more wiggle room you can go up 1/2" longer than your foot.

For example, if your foot measures 9.75" long, you would choose the size that is 1/4" or 1/2" bigger than your foot (see Heel to Toe line), in the Heirloom Logan boots chart, this would be a size 7.5-8 or size 8.5-9 if you're planning on wearing thick socks.

Follow the charts on the left to pick the size you will need. We have included the "Heel to Toe" measure as a guide, this measure is the actual size of our shoe forms, which would be the same as your actual foot measurement.