Sales Rep

we are looking, are you looking?

What is a Brand Rep?

A brand rep is and agent of positive change, someone that is motivated, self-starter, organized, fast learner, sales experience or skills, social, and yes, wants to make some moola with those awesome skills, we have to add, must love our planet. 

If you are this awesome woman/man, we want you to be part of our team. Email us your resume and we will contact you pronto!

The Job (yes, it is a job) 
As a Professional Brand Rep you can earn from 15-25% in sales commissions and increase your family's income.  Whether you want extra income for retirement, education, vacations, or to have your own business, being a Mikoleón  Brand Rep can provide all of this and more!  Starting your own business is easy, please read the following guidelines to get started. 

Selling to Boutiques in your state
As a Mikoleón Brand Rep, you will have the chance to take our awesome products to your local independent retailers in your state and open retail accounts for which you will earn a commission, each account is a residual commission account, meaning, every time a store orders with us, you will get paid a commission again!

Eco Pop-Up Boutiques
You will also be able to organize Eco Pop-Up Boutiques and invite your friends and family to be part of our movement by buying with a purpose; Eco Pop-Up Boutiques can be held at your home or a friends home, at your local club, etc. You will also get paid a commission for every item you sell. And the best part, every time your customers re-order from us, you will get paid your commission again, and again!

What you need to become a Mikoleon Brand Rep
✔ Complete, and email back our Brand Rep application.
Email us your updated resume.
✔ If you are organized as a company your *Federal Id # or Tax ID #.

If you are not set up as a business and would like to do so, we have business partners that would be happy to assist you; please note that they are not part of  Mikoleón  LLC and therefore we don’t control their fees and services.  Please contact us if you would like more information on consulting with one of our business partners.