Customer Love and Reviews!

Customer Love and Reviews!

@prairieangeljewelry “Had to share! Love these boots SO0000 much can't say enough about how well they're made and worth every penny! (Especially the one my boy keeps in the special pocket!)”


@kelseysheaaa “My daughter so many compliments on these boots!! Any tips for how to clean up the scuff marks on the toes? We'll be buying these guys year after year!”

amyking. Our teeny tiny Mikoleon LLC cafe heirlooms were perfect for Audrey´slesson in hopscotch from her big sisters! I´m so happy we found these boots. They are adorable and she is so comfortable when she wears them!

shinystokes. Okay, those Mary Janes are amazing! We have the boots and love them. My son loves the little pockets on the sides. He puts little messages in there or small treasures. These are boots that will be passed down for sure! I can´t wait until they fit my daughter. They are the perfect boot for any kid.

@kenzie.wetz. Your company takes care to create a product that is as unique as the individual wearing wearing it. I love that the boots end up telling the story of how they were worn.

@laumoo. Your boots are THE BEST! We had a long travel day a few days ago and I had 2 flight attendants on 2 different flights come up and ask me where my girls' boots were from! For being subtle and classy they sure do attract attention!

@suedoenihm. I am SO in love with the boots we received from you guys, so is our son and he is only 2. We call them his special boots! I'd order one in every size if I could.

Amber Messer. These heirlooms are so amazing in every way, the texture of the leather is gorgeous, the details in them are remarkable, she fits them so well and seems to be so comfortable in them. I love how you can change the shoelaces for different attire, I love how they make each outfit you wear look even prettier. My baby girl even loves them, she says “Mommy, put my boots on”. One of her first sentences. I am so happy with the whole experience and every little detail in these boots. I will always be a #1 customer 🙌🏻.

@aclosetfullofwhimsy. "We love our Heirloom Boots! They are the first shoes my little one reaches for!".

@littlemiss_juliette. "Once you find Mikoleon, there's no going back!".

@pualie_j_g. "We absolutely love our heirloom boots and the meaning behind this shop. We cannot wait to order more!".

makena_laneboutique. "We love Mikoleon and all you stand for! Makena is obsessed with her heirloom boots. She wants to wear them everyday!".

@foxandheron. "We love you guys! Your shoes are amazing and we get so many compliments!".

@bethkara. "My daughter loves shoes and can't wait to see her little feet in these shoes! We love to find things used to build her wardrobe and pass on after she has used." "We just discovered these boots and mamma thinks we both need a pair! They are to die for!". "They are amazing! We are on our 4th pair now.".

@littlemiss_juliette. "The most beautiful details! Such talented hands who make them".

Lauren Austin. I have been in the boutique world ever since this little girl was a baby. I have never wanted a pair of shoes so bad for her. When they arrived yesterday... I couldn´t be more excited to start taking pictures and they did not disappoint. The boots are breathtaking.

Kristin Perry Zalgenas. I know I´ve said it before but I´ll say it again and keep saying it... these are by far the best boots I have ever laid eyes on I am obsessed and you know they are well-made boots when your daughter goes to a party and takes them off and you walk into the kitchen and there´s a group of adults standing in a circle holding the boots talking about how "these are serious boots and damn look at those are serious boots and damn look at those heels and that sole work, these are no joke, these are legit". Yes ladies and gentlemen be hear it here... these boots are legit.

Heidi Jamison. We are absolutely loving our first pair of heirlooms!! She´s still a bit tired. I woke her up to get a picture before pre-school. But I just couldn´t help myself!!

Jill High. We got more wear out of red this summer than any of her other Mikos! And they still look practically new! We love Brave!!.

Nicole Marie Mayers. These boots are amazing.  She loves the little pocket on the side too.  She said it´s her magic pocket.

Shannon Brovold Olson. Our heirloom boots complete so many outfits! So many asking where they are from. Love Them!

Holly Creel DeSantos. Zellie Grace is all smiles about her Heirloom boots! We seriously wear Mikoleon shoes everyday! Can´t wait to grab another pair today.

Kristin Perry Zalgenas. Couldn´t love our heirllom boots more. Such a classic look makes this an easy sell. We will be wearing these as long as Mikoleon
will be making them. Please don´t change a thing because they are truly perfection.

Lindsey Beth. Fair time. Can I get some business cards to hand out with the website so I can easily just hand it to everyone who asks where her shoes
are from? I swear I had to repeat it 100x tonight. I cannot blame anyone for asking though because they are the best.

Jessica Meer. As we got home from a cheer camp (hence the outfit) the mailman showed up with our first pair ever!!! These are absolutely
amazing!!! I am so impressed and Olivia LOVES them!!!

Erin Mooney Brown. Just ordered our very first pair and I´m beyond excited!! I love that the heirlooms are unisex so both these kiddos can wear them.

Makayla Davis. We just got our first pair and the leather is so soft. I always get nervous when buying kids leather shoes. I was scared they were gonna be stiff and uncomfortable. But that's not the case one bit! These shoes are the best boots we've ever owned! He's absolutely obsessed and shows everyone his "boos" he only wants to wear his boots now. He won't even consider wearing a different shoe now which I've never experienced! Thank you for the amazing boots. Totally gonna grab a pair for my oldest!

Haelienicole. So excited ✨ our 5.5s are just starting to get tight on my little girl, so this was the perfect time to get the next size up, as well as the 4.5s for my littlest 🤗 thanks for making these boots! My daughter has been wearing one pair everywhere for over a year now and we love love them—they still look so good!

@haelienicole. We love our boots. They are perfect for wearing everywhere: adventuring, to church, to play at the park, and out for errands. Thanks for using such high quality leather! I anticipate being able to pass these down from child to child over the years.

@neph888. My little girl has had these boots and they are 100% unique and eye catching! She receives compliments whenever she wears them!

@sadiethenty. My little guy has gone through several pairs of your beautiful shoes. Each one is different and towards the end of him growing out of his current pair. the toes are worn just like little boy shoes should be. I will continue to buy until he grows out of your sizes. They are 100% worth every penny, so well made! Love them so much.

Baby Booties

@rebeccalynndraper “This sweet girl don't know what to caption this photo. It's a weird time in the world. It's a weird time in our family. We're all still adjusting. I'm trying to learn how to split my attention between two babies, even though I want to give 100% to each. But I dunno, today we all got dressed for the first time in a month and we're feeling good. So here's this picture ofTenny that, shockingly, was done in one take. I've been waiting since before she was born to get her a pair of @mikoleonkids shoes and I finally did. They're a bit big, but she'll grow into them, and then her brother will grow into them, and then I'l save them for her babies.because we got a golden bunny in our package! Thanks for making this week a little more fun, @mikoleonkids and Happy Easter, everyone.they're even extra special”


@jensmithlovesphotos. I strive for my daughter´s mikoleons to looked loved and worn!! She wears them everywhere and I want them to tell her story, where she´s gone, what she´s done! She has plenty of opportunities for new crisp shoes, but those shoes won´t be her favorites and comfort her feet. The geniune leather is part of the story and nostalgia of these shoes.
Never ever change, it´s what draws me to the shoes!!

Martz and Elle. They are up to any challenge and adventure, and to me, every scuff testifies of a happy memory.

@contentednomads. "Your shoes look like they are the kind that can be passed down and that is so important to me".

@caitleighkaehr. "Hi! I just received my order in the mail from you guys. And I have to say... these shoes are oribably the highest quality item I now have! I absolutely LOVE them!! The packaging they came in was beautiful. The shoes are just so gorgeous, and they fit me perfectly. I am looking forward to purchasing again when my size gets restocked in other colors! My daughter has not tried hers on yet but I know she is going to love them as well. THANK YOU!!".


@jensmithlovesphotos “I strive for my daughter's mikoleons to looked loved and worn!! She wears them everywhere and I want them to tell her story, where she's gone, what she's done! She has plenty of opportunities for new crisp shoes, but those shoes won't be her favorites and comfort her feet. The genuine leather is part of the story and nostalgia of these shoes. Never ever change, it's what draws me to the shoes!!”

Ashley Thyra Rose Gallagher. Mikoleon´s are like Pokémon... Gotta catch them all. These Oxfords are everything!

Melissa A Tolento Balcazar. We have always loved your products from the 1st day of opening our packaging. I would say your items are actually BETTER in real life because when you hold them in your hands you can see and tell how much work and detail was put into that pair included the special touches, like the name tag of the artisan who created our shoes. I love your company and everything it stands for and Lennox Loves his "fancy" shoes 💖


Zoe Hamlin. We´re loving our black Mary Janes.  Always well crafted with a timeless look.

@ilove2runxcountry. "Perfect staple shoe! We love a classic black Mary Jane!".

@neverending.summers. "The MJ's are a must for school! And heirlooms for fall/winter!"


@miss.charli.rae “They are absolutely gorgeous!! I don't think I have ever seen a sandal so beautifully made.”