Product Warranty

Mikoleon warrants any original Mikoleon footwear, backpacks, and small leather good products against manufacturer's defect for up to six (6) months after the original purchase from any authorized seller (purchases made through any BST Facebook Pages are not covered in this warranty). Wear and fit issues are not considered to be manufacturer's defects and are not covered. Weather and water damage
are also not covered under this warranty. 

If your Mikoleon product suffers from a manufacturer's defect within six (6) months of purchase, we will gladly repair the item. If it cannot be repaired, we will replace it with the same style, size, and color. If the item cannot be replaced, we will issue a Mikoleon Shop Credit for use on our website in the amount of your original purchase. Irreparable items will not be returned to customer. Repairs will be done with original Mikoleon parts when available, otherwise repairs will be done with comparable parts. 

Product must be returned to Mikoleon before a new pair can be sent. All shipping for approved manufacturing warranty exchanges will be paid by Mikoleon.