One Free Size Exchange - Learn more!
Bummer! Our boots don't fit, what do I do next?
No problem, follow steps below before filling out our form.
1. Make sure that your boots have not been used outside.
2. They need to be in the same sellable condition as when you received them.
3. Fill our online form here.

1 Free Exchange on Boots and Sandals!

Our 1 Free Exchange service is available only to:

1. Customers that purchased their boots/shoes at regular price and didn't use a discount coupon.
2. Customers that followed our Measuring Instructions and chose their size from Mikoleon's Size Chart.
3. Free Exchange service may apply to orders for children's sandals of $75 and up only.

Eligibility: If you have won a giveaway, used a discount code on your purchase, received a donation coupon, or won a code at an auction you are not eligible for our 1 Free Exchange service. Service does not apply to international orders.