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Cotton Farm Artisans

We love supporting artisans everywhere

Whether they exclusively work for Mikoleon or not. The artisans and weavers that created our pillow covers are incredibly talented! These pillows are made with 100% natural cotton, gathered and prepped from these artisan's beautiful cotton farm in Guatemala. To keep these pillows authentic with a Guatemalan signature style, only traditional techniques and patterns are used. One of the main techniques is the intricate use of the backstrap loom. This tool helps the artisans weave the cotton threads into beautiful fabrics for the pillows.

From all-natural cotton gathered, then sometimes upcycled into blue or black shades of thread if needed, the material is then passed to the team of incredible artisans that backstrap loom the thread into products. The intricate backstrap loomed designs on the pillows are made with great skill and craftsmanship. Amazing quality of work like this isn't seen in many places around the world, this is why we are thrilled to feature these pillows in our Miko Marketplace collection! We are always glad to support other hard working artisan’s to help showcase their amazing efforts and talents, especially when those efforts promote sustainability!

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