Leather Cleaning Kit

  • MK1056
  • Unisex

Our Cleaning kit includes: Brush and All Natural Smith's Leather Balm that functions as a cleaner, conditioner, and leather protector! After much research and testing, we think we found the best and easiest product for you! It's all natural, of course, and is made in the USA! We know that you care about your full grain leather boots and shoes and we wanted to bring you the best natural product to care for them. 

Details: 1 Oz. tin handmade in Maine. Made with only 3 all natural ingredients. Can be applied safely by hand without a rag or messy clean up. Fits conveniently in a pocket or gear. Neutral color; works on all smooth leathers. Safe for kids and for older children to apply to their boots themselves


  • Ensure that leather goods are clean and dry
  • Test small amount on a hidden patch of leather to preview results
  • Start with a small amount. A little goes a long way
  • Best applied by hand and massaged into leather, but a clean rag works also
  • Leather will absorb the balm immediately some leathers may darken slightly but return to their natural shade within 24 hours
  • Repeat as necessary to protect, restore, and extend life of leather goods

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