Rainbow baby

By: Miguel González Fuentes

Guatemala is unique for its multicultural wealth, but the grace, beauty, courage and industriousness of their women makes it possible to perceive a society with equality, respect and human development for all. The artisan, office, laborer, professional, academic, peasant, artist, sporty woman and any other enterprising woman strengthens the economic foundations of the country.

As poets say, the woman is not the only piece of God but also the artist of that great piece, because it is the source of life and perpetuates human existence. Along with man or by themselves, they fight and provide food, shelter, health and education for their family: fundamental rights, no doubt.

The 8th of March, International Women’s Day, was created to honor women that long time ago raised their voices in several countries, to claim their rights, to demand freedom and equal opportunities and conditions. They have always defended their space. “To set free, women need to feel free, not to rival men, but free in their capacities and personality” quoted at the time Indira Gandhi, leader from India.

But we must convert this commemoration in a date of reflection because of the role they play, they must be heard, valued, entertained and encouraged by being the pillars of society. So, the fair thing is to recognize the work of millions of Guatemalan women that every day produce goods and services, study, and do housework, raise and educate their children.

A third part of the 18 million Guatemalans are entrepreneurs, almost half of them are women. This shows the value that the female sector has in the productivity of a nation. Entrepreneur blood circulate through the veins of Guatemalan women, they set out to found businesses or micro-enterprises and little by little they grow. In fact, Guatemala is one of the countries where there is more entrepreneurship, according to global statistics. Even though the Government recognizes and supports women entrepreneurs with programs, they need financial support and trainings. The areas where they develop must be upgraded. At the end, dynamic female activity generates jobs.

They are protagonists

In the plazas, offices, markets, workshops, schools, universities, in the countryside, in art and anywhere in Guatemala women sell their products, defend their ideas, generate knowledge, and express their artistic talent or make the land produce. Even if we had a palate of steel, we would never finish enumerating everything what women mean and do.

We must recognize the tenacity of the mother, wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend woman, for their tireless fight, for being a creator life and because only from the most incredible woman comes the most incredible man.


But women continue to demand equality, freedom, security and respect. We won’t rest until women and girls enjoy the same opportunities and have the same rights; let’s fight so that they can walk alone, free and without any fear. Let’s build a sustainable future for everyone. “Let no one be left behind”, prays the Popol Vuh, the book of our Mayan ancestors.