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When is Black Friday 2022


What date is Black Friday this year?

As the holiday season comes around, shoppers are wondering: When is Black Friday 2022? The answer is the day after Thanksgiving, which will be Friday, November 25th this year. Stick around and we’ll let you in on some of the lesser known facts about Black Friday, including our brand’s thoughts on Black Friday.


The History of Black Friday


Many people don’t know this, but there are multiple myths and stories about the origins of where Black Friday really comes from. The term “Black Friday” was first used all the way back in 1869, after two crafty Wall Street financiers created a scheme to buy most of the nation’s shares of gold, causing the U.S. stock market to crash. That year, as retailers tried to save their businesses by turning a profit on discounted merchandise the day after Thanksgiving, the words “Black Friday” were first used – not as the name of a retail holiday, but as a description of the dark times the nation was facing.

Years later in the 1950’s, the term “Black Friday” was used again by policemen who witnessed pandemonium in the city of Philadelphia on the day after Thanksgiving, when hundreds of people swarmed the city because of a highly anticipated Army/Navy football game. Hordes of shoppers cleaned out the city’s stores, and shoplifters were able to run rampant due to law enforcement being stretched too thin that weekend. 

By 1961, the term had caught on and was used widely within the city of Philadelphia, despite merchants trying to change it to “Big Friday” as a way to combat the negative connotations. However, the concept of Black Friday didn’t catch on with the rest of the country until the late 80’s, when store-owners and advertisers finally put a positive spin on it, making it about stores going from being “in the red” (at a loss) to being “in the black” (turning a profit), and shoppers were happy to forget the darker roots and embrace the sales. Since then, Black Friday has gone from a one-day sale to lasting a whole weekend (or longer!). It even inspired the creation of other retail holidays such as Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.




Although everyone loves to score a good bargain, the toll Black Friday takes on the planet is often overlooked. Due to the massive demand of goods, as well as extra labor and international transportation, Black Friday has become a resource burden that puts strain on the environment as well as underpaid workers around the world. As many of us try to make thoughtful purchases that don’t support fast fashion, it’s important to take note of the part Black Friday plays in supporting harmful global habits.

Here at Mikoleon, we strive everyday to have a positive impact on the world we live in, from the Guatemalan artisans who we partner with to the consciously sourced leather and other materials that our products use. For this reason, we do not offer a sale on Black Friday. Rest assured, we still love a deal, and we’re happy to offer a Holiday Sale two weeks prior to Black Friday. To keep our small business running in compliance with our high standards concerning sustainability, quality, and fair business practices, we don’t offer deep discounts, but instead carefully choose discounts that guarantee that our products, our business, and the world we live in can continue to thrive.


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