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By: Miguel González Fuentes

The groom's suit also dazzles

After the expected "yes", the bride and groom focus on the wedding and the protocol of the event: dress, rings, place, time, type of ceremony, vows, guests, dancing, music,and food. Undoubtedly, the bride-to-be's dress gets all the attention, but the groom's attire also steals the attention of the guests and requires the same importance and dedication in every detail.The emotional moment arrives! The groom anxiously awaitsthe arrival of his beloved at the altar; the attention is focused on him and his attire. Therefore, his suit must be faithful to his style, personality,and according to the concept of the event. The right combination of suit, shirt, shoes, headband,and other accessories ensures that the fiancé looks impeccable on this unforgettable day.Even if the groom-to-be knows his style, he can listen to advise on choosing the most appropriate attire to wear on that day. Wedding planners recommend four clothing options: tailcoat, tuxedo, tuxedo,or classic suit, but everything will depend on the time and place of the event, whether it is the city, the countryside,or the beach.



The tailcoat is considered an attire of maximum etiquette; for its elegance,it is recommended for an evening wedding, formal and refined protocol. It is composed of a jacket and pants in black; vest, shirt,and bow tie in white. The shoes, a complement that deserves a lot of attention, should be black and with laces


Morning suit

Themorning suit is a formal suit that stylizes the groom's figure, it is appropriate for formal daytime ceremonies. It is a frock coat, but with a different design from the tailcoat; it is complemented by a vest, vertical striped pants, shirt and tie or cravat, and dark lace-up shoes. The color is generally dark, but tones may vary. The origins of the morning coat date back to the one worn by English gentlemen.


This suit is composed of a straight jacket with silk lapels, pants, shirt with bow tie collar, cummerbund or vest, bow tie or tie. The tuxedo, formerly used by gentlemen to go out for a smoke, is recommended for an evening engagement that does not require such rigorousness. Dark colors always prevail, but if the wedding is during the day, the tones may vary. The tuxedo is one of the most preferred suits by the bride and groom, due to its comfort. As for the shoes, they should be dark and with laces.


Classic suit

A jacket, pants,and tie make up this attire, but a vest can be added. It is less formal and the color of this suit will depend on the place and time of the wedding; it is advisable to wear it buttoned.


Tie or cravat, bow tie, handkerchief, lapel pin, cufflinks for shirt cuffs, watch, belt or suspenders are essential accessoriesin a man's wardrobe, but it always depends on the style and taste of the groom.

The shoes

Special attention should be paid to the shoes because they are one of the components that highlight the groom's suit and personality. According to wedding experts, "shoes represent a personal stamp that reveals the character of the person who wears them". That is why the shoes must match perfectly with the suit selected by the bride and groom.Immersed in the preparations, the marriage bond has a lot of meaning and value for Americans. In order not to forget any detail, it is tradition to carry out a rehearsal of the wedding and to put emphasis on the bride and groom's wardrobe.


Engagement Vows

Engagement vows are a unique feature of American weddings. The future spouse's speech should be a combination of promises and expressions of pure romance. Although the wedding officiant pronounces the classic phrases that unite a couple in marriage, many bride and groom are inspired and write their promises beforehand, which willmake the wedding an original, emotional,and long-awaited event.