The Art of Giving Intentionally

By Avery Taylor

The Art of Giving Intentionally

The holiday season is the season of giving, and we think giving is a beautiful concept! When we give a gift to a loved one, we’re giving more than a product or object. We’re giving love, we’re giving kinship, and we’re giving appreciation. That said, not all gifts are created equal. In a world of fast fashion, unsustainable business practices, poor labor conditions, and harmful chemicals and materials, many products bought to be gifts do more harm than good in the world, and end up being cast aside as soon as the holidays are over. Most holiday gift guides offer generic and impersonal suggestions that don’t feel right for your loved ones. With all the confusion, the simple act of giving a satisfactory gift can end up feeling like an impossible task.


That’s where the idea of giving intentionally comes into play. The art of giving intentionally is about finding presents that are purposeful, positive, and high quality enough to last for years to come. Intentional gifts are meant to be loved, used, and re-used rather than ending up as clutter in the house or pollution in a landfill. Intentional gifts are about the person you’re giving to, rather than about checking a box to get holiday shopping over with. 


In our last post, we gave you some ideas about how to shop intentionally, and now we’d like to give you some ideas about what to give intentionally. We’re highlighting three of our bestsellers to illustrate that it’s easy to choose intentional, consciously crafted gifts without sacrificing beauty, functionality, or quality. Instead, you can show your love and appreciation to your friends and family members with beautiful handcrafted presents that are highly desirable must-haves this holiday season.


Before we get into our gift recommendations, we’d like to remind you that gifts – even high quality, intentional gifts – are not mandatory, even during the holiday season. Gifts are a physical manifestation of our love and gratitude for our friends and family, but a gift isn’t necessary to show someone that you care about them. Before you buy a gift this December, think about why you’re giving the gift you’re giving. Can you afford it? Will the gift benefit the person who you’re giving it to? Remember, there are many ways to give intentional gifts, and not all of them are bought at the store. Maybe the best gift you could give someone is a hot meal or an act of service in their home. Maybe a scarf that you knit yourself or a framed photograph would be more meaningful than anything else. The true meaning of intentional gift giving is examining your relationships with love and deciding the best way to express that love.


     1. Heirloom Luxe Children´s Boots

    Children can be so hard to shop for, but you don’t have to give up on quality and style for kids. Our Heirloom Luxe boots are handcrafted from real full-grain leather and reinforced with memory gel insoles and rubber slip guards to keep your little ones comfy, blister-free, and supported as they play. These boots aren’t simply sustainable and practical, they’re beautifully designed and created to elevate your child’s wardrobe from picture day to playdates and beyond.


    Heirlooms Luxe

    Heirloom Rose Gold Boots


    2. Heritage Luxe Women´s Boots 

    Our bestselling women’s Heritage Boots are designed with gorgeous, timeless details that will outlast any trend, and made of the highest quality leather on the market that will outlast years of wear. This versatile boot can be dressed up for a professional setting or a night out, or paired with chinos or jeans to enhance everyday casual style. Our Heritage Boots are the ideal gift for a special woman in your life, or a great idea to add to your own Christmas list!

    Heritage Luxe

    Heritage Luxe Boots

    3. Custom Leather Fila Tote Bag

    Leather tote bags are one of the hottest and most desirable gifts this year, but the majority of leather totes on the market are unfortunately made in fast fashion factories from low quality leather scrap composites or nonbiodegradable faux-leather, which is essentially just plastic. That’s why our leather Fila tote bag is such a game-changer – our Fila tote isn’t just made from the supplest and finest full-grain leather, it’s also custom-made so that each bag is personally handmade by a real artisan for the person you’re giving it to. 


    We hope this post has inspired you to add a little extra intentionality to the gifts you buy and give this year! Remember, it’s not about the biggest gift or the most expensive gift, it’s about showing your loved ones that you value and care for them.


    Fila Tote

    Fila Tote Bag