Preorder Events Mikoleon

Preorder Events Mikoleon
Our Preorder events are usually on:
Thursdays at 6 p.m. PST [7mt 8ct 9et ]
Marketplace Preorders Fridays at 6 p.m. PST [ 7mt 8ct 9et ]

How a Preorder event works

We will be taking pre-orders until production limits are reached. Please note that we usually sell pretty fast, event may be up from 1 minute to sometimes an hour depending on the season and style. It may be less or more depending on how fast we hit our production limits.

Go to our Website

Go to, cart your items as usual and checkout as usual.

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Confirmation email

You will receive a confirmation email.

Change size

If you need to change size after you place your order you must email us within 45 minutes of placing your order at

Any size changes after the 45 minute grace period will be accepted but your pair will be added to the next scheduled preorder. Sorry, no exceptions.
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Delivery Time

It takes us 2 weeks to make your preorder, allow up to 6 days for USPS to deliver your order!