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Avoiding Unnecessary Waste

What does “waste not” mean to you?

What does “waste not” mean to you? Reusable items, recycling, maybe even making your kids finish all of their dinner? The idea of incorporating less wasteful practices into our daily lives is not something that is only important to us at Mikoleon, but is something that we want to encourage everyone to participate in! Small actions can make a big difference in the well-being of our communities and our planet. 

We are proud to have our PatchWorX collection at Mikoleon! We implemented a program at our factory in Guatemala where we try our best to avoid any leftover products or materials from going to waste. Unfortunately, many companies around the world practice dumping scraps and excess materials in landfills, which is absolutely unnecessary! As a fashion company, we believe that we have an additional responsibility to be mindful of the impact that we’re having on the environment.


We support the slow fashion industry

So naturally, we prioritize using as many sustainable practices as possible. For example, we try to stay away from using harmful chemicals, dyes and synthetic fabrics that can jeopardize the health of our consumers and our artisans. When these dangerous chemicals are used in mass production, they can seep into the water supply of our artisan’s communities, affecting their everyday life and well-being. We prefer to not offer free shipping and returns because it enables habits that can lead to unnecessary carbon footprints on the earth! Think about how many clothing companies there are and how much shipping it takes to send products back and forth all to discard the returned product. This has a huge negative impact on the environment!

Because of our sustainable principles, combined with a lot of creativity and innovation, we ultimately are able to launch our PatchWorX collection! Most of the products in this collection consist of accessories and home goods. We gather leftover materials from shoes, bags and clothes that we make and patch them together into completely new products! Check out our headbands, scrunchies and our newest addition, our PatchWorX Card Wallets!

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What better way is there to celebrate

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (or just surviving 2020!) than to give a gift that supports both sustainability and small businesses! Treat yourself and treat the environment by purchasing a limited edition product from our PatchWorX collection.

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