Rainbow baby

Happy Mother’s Day!

We embrace the reality that in 2021, women create their own form of motherhood to best match the incredible individual that they are. A motherhood that is free from unnecessary and unfair expectations, limitations and rules.

Mother’s Day should be for anyone who blesses the lives of others with their compassion, guidance and talents. Anyone can be a mother to someone else, whether they have a child or not. Who are some of the people that care for you in your life? We encourage you to reflect on the people that bring light to your life, those that help you feel comforted, supported and who cheer you on! This Mother’s Day, maybe reach out and share your gratitude to those who have made a positive impact in your life, whether that’s your birth mother, auntie, relative, neighbor or friend.

Motherhood is a full-time job!

As we all know, women have endless capabilities. It is important to give recognition and respect to all aspects of their character and talents that they pursue. Women are multi-faceted and are never just a singular label, so one should never treat them as so! We don’t believe in the message that someone is “just a mom.” Someone can be a mom, an astronaut, a teacher, a leader, have an amazing sense of humor, be terrible at cooking and be obsessed with Mikoleon shoes! We are confident that people (especially women) should never be categorized into a box, people are just PEOPLE! We are all ever growing, everchanging, and that is a wonderful reality.

With that established, we’d like to give recognition to our incredible employees and artisans that help our brand by using their amazing skills. Many of them are also mothers and leaders to their children and loved ones! We are in awe of their beautiful talents at work as well as the continued loving support that they share with their families and communities. We’re so grateful for their dedication to Mikoleon and the time they spend with us to help make truly incredible products. Our artisans, cobblers and employees are inspiring.

All moms are working moms!

Another message that we are being mindful of this year is that “All moms are working moms!!” We also absolutely celebrate moms that primarily stay home with their kids and run a household, that is a lot of work that needs to be recognized and appreciated! People that are “stay at home moms or dads” are again multi-faceted. We ought to remember the limitless talents and value that each of them have.

This Mother’s Day (and really all of the time,) instead of pitting women against each other with arguments of who has it the toughest or who works the hardest, we encourage celebrating women for the many forms of work they do, in and out of the home. Gift a pair of boots or an artisan made accessory as a thank you to the wonderful women and mother’s in your life.

Our final message

We always like to reinforce the importance of providing women with a platform that they can succeed on! Giving them space to shine and room to show their excellent skills and capabilities is an opportunity that we, and society, should strive our best to deliver. Women deserve this respect in the workplace, the home and any other environment they are in.

Speaking to women, mothers and all: Show your compassion, strengths, courage and innovation. We know how incredible you are, it’s time that you let your families, communities and the world see it too! Happy Mother’s Day, you are amazing!