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By Avery Taylor


IRL: 2023 In Real Life


Here at Mikoleon, we believe that January is a special time. It is a time for renewal, for realigning ourselves, and for reevaluating our goals and values. This January, we decided that we wanted to come up with an overarching theme to guide our plans and center our intentions for 2023. We wanted to come up with something that would inspire us to savor the little moments with our loved ones and to be conscious about how we are spending our time.

Heirloom Luxe Brown Boots

Heirloom Luxe Boots Brown 

With that in mind, we are proud to present our theme for our theme for 2023:
In Real Life.


For us, In Real Life (or IRL for short!) means many things. It means spending more time with loved ones and spending less time online. It means developing our hobbies and talents. It means consuming less media and staying in the moment more. It means maintaining a healthy work-life balance and protecting our boundaries. It means limiting screen-time and maximizing time in nature and with real people.

Heirlooms & Kickers Leather Boots

Heirloom & Kicker Boots 

For our children it means playing outside. Climbing trees. Going to museums. Building a snowman. Hiking and camping. Learning to bake. Riding their bicycle. Learning about cultural traditions. Playing hide-and-seek. Bowling. Visiting the library. Having a spontaneous dance party. Putting on a play. Painting and drawing. Going out for ice cream with grandma and grandpa. Building a blanket fort. IRL means letting children be children, and celebrating that! 

Heirloom Luxe Brown

Heirloom Luxe Boots Brown

Heirloom Luxe Black Boots

Heirloom Luxe Boots Black

 Heirloom Luxe Mocca Boots

Heirloom Classic Boots Brown

With real life in mind, we’ve designed our leather children’s boots to be well-used and well-worn by real kids. From Dirt Kickers to Heirloom Classics and everything in between, our handmade boots aren’t just stylish – they’re tough. Tough enough to withstand playing in the snow, jumping in puddles, muddy games of tag, and whatever other experiences real life throws at your little ones. So don’t be afraid to send your children out into the real world in our shoes. If the full-grain leather absorbs too much water, simply allow the shoes to dry in a sunny window or by the fireplace, condition them with our premium Smith’s Leather Balm, and your child’s shoes will be ready for their next adventure.


Heirloom & Kickers Leather Boots

Heirloom & Kickers Boots 


What does IRL mean to you?  Have you made goals to be more present in 2023?


We’re looking forward to a beautifully real and really beautiful 2023, where we’re focusing on savoring the present, making an effort to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with the real world, making sustainable choices that help the world in a real way, and simply living In Real Life. We’re just happy to be along for the ride with you as you take on real life in 2023 with confidence, kindness, and mindfulness.

 Heirloom & Kickers Mocca Boots

  Kickers & Heirloom Boots