Rainbow baby


Miko Marketplace was inspired by our artisan’s desire to better themselves, and our desire to facilitate that. Many craftspeople around the world have enormous talents, but have no platform or idea how to bring their products and skills to market and become profitable.


The barrier to entry for an ambitious artisan is far too high for most. They oftentimes aren’t exposed to the world enough to know what things they can apply their talents to. They don’t have the resources or connections to lower their costs, know what types of products would sell well and most importantly they don’t have a means to sell their products to a market who will purchase for what they’re worth.


Through Miko Marketplace we will partner with each artisan. They can’t control the circumstances in which they were born, but with the right support and mentorship they can pull themselves out of the poverty they find themselves in. We have found that these amazing people do not want hand-outs, they want opportunities, they want a chance to work and empower themselves.

Our mission

Is to share the talent and beauty of different cultures with the global market through quality handcrafted products. We will strive to positively impact the lives of our artisans and craftspeople through no-interest micro loans, business mentorship and training in true entrepreneurship. We will facilitate and guide these talented artists to elevate their crafts and in turn elevate themselves and their communities.