Heirloom Rose Gold

By Avery Taylor

Find Your Sparkle This Holiday Season!

The holidays are a time when the world just seems to *sparkle* a little bit more than usual. From shiny tinsel and lustrous ornaments to twinkling Christmas tree lights to glistening snow-covered rooftops to sequined New Years Eve dresses, that special holiday sparkle is everywhere, making everything cheerier, brighter, and more beautiful.


Have you found your sparkle this holiday season? Between working hard at our careers and schoolwork, running kids to school, picking up groceries, shopping for holiday gifts, and organizing our hectic lives in general, sometimes it can feel like we’re too busy and tired to find our sparkle! This holiday season, we want to remind you that there’s always room in our bustling lives to take a deep breath, slow down, and bring a little sparkle to our lives! Everyone has something special about them that makes them sparkle inside and out, whether it’s a personality trait, a special talent, or something completely unique. We invite you to find a few extra minutes here and there each day to take a moment for yourself to bring out your own personal sparkle in whatever way works best for you. Whether it’s taking a calming bath, doing an invigorating work, baking a treat, reciting your affirmations, writing in your journal, taking a walk, practicing a hobby, or something else, it doesn’t have to be big, it just has to remind you that you have a unique, individual sparkle and you should let the world see it!


Here at Mikoleon, when we think of sparkle, we think of our exclusive Rose Gold Collection, which features gorgeous leather children’s and women’s shoes and accessories specially designed to bring a pop of shine and shimmer into your life! Each piece from the Rose Gold Collection was handcrafted by professional leather artisans who pour every ounce of care and craftsmanship into making this collection stunning, durable, and timeless. 

Perfect for the holidays and beyond, this year we are gifting rose gold shoes to all the little ones in our lives! Who said full-grain leather is only for adults? We believe children deserve high-quality, comfortable, fair-trade leather just as much as adults do, and that’s why we guarantee that all of our children’s shoes are hand-cobbled from the very finest full-grain leather. One of our favorite children’s products from the Rose Gold Collection is our adorable Rose Gold Baby Moccasins, which couldn’t be cuter and protect your baby’s piggies with our very softest leather. For older kids, we’re giving Rose Gold Mary Janes, Rose Gold Brogue Oxfords, Rose Gold Chelsea Hawks Boots, and Rose Gold Dirt Kickers and as gifts – with so many cute options, there’s a rose gold shoe to fit any child’s style. Our signature children’s boots, the Heirloom Classic and Heirloom Luxe, are also available in our Rose Gold Collection, and we predict that these stylish little stunners will sell out fast! Toss a set of Rose Gold Kickers Tassels and a Rose Gold Flequito tassel for their backpack into your little one’s stocking, and you’re good to go: sparkle activated!

Kickers Rose Gold

Kickers Rose Gold Boots


Baby Moccasin Rose GoldBaby Moccasins Rose Gold


What’s on our list this year, you ask? For flirty dates, nights out with friends, and casually glam park days with the family, we’re asking for a pair of either Rose Gold Adela Western Boots or Rose Gold Etta Boots – plus the matching Rose Gold Tassels of course! To bring a little sparkle to work or formal settings, we’ve also put Rose Gold Brogue Legacy shoes on our list, and we love that the leather was sustainably sourced and vegetable-tanned in an internationally award-winning tannery. We also have our eye on the drop-dead-gorgeous Rose Gold Concert Wallet, the perfect small bag for packing the essentials as we show off our sparkle at work, at the club, at the movies, and on all our other busy adventures.


Concert Wallet Rose Gold

Concert Wallet Rose Gold


For our mothers, sisters, and all the other powerful women in our lives, we’re spreading the sparkle by gifting the drool-worthy Rose Gold Envelope Wallet and the Rose Gold Slim Clippable Wallet, and we guarantee that they’re going to be a big hit, especially when they find out that each piece was handmade and bought from a woman-owned small business!


Slim Clippable Wallet Rose Gold


The holidays can be both thrilling and overwhelming, so don’t forget to take some time for self-care and self-expression so that you can find – and show off! – your very special sparkle this holiday season!


Brogue Legacy Shoes Rose Gold

Brogue Legacy Rose Gold