Rainbow baby

Do you prefer the country or the city?

Maybe you prefer living in suburbia right outside of a metropolitan area? No matter your location or culture, cowgirl/boy boots are back in style and are here to stay! Many think 100% western when they see a cowgirl/boy boot, however, our boots are made to appeal to people of all backgrounds and fashion styles. These boots can add the perfect fine leather touch to any look, whether it’s minimalist, street style, western or even just a trip to the grocery store! At Mikoleon, we’ve sold lots of different colors of our kids Dirt Kickers boots. We’d like to introduce two new Dirt Kickers and two new womens Etta boots!

New Dirt Kickers

Inspired by the hit Disney movie Frozen, we’ve named our adorable Dirt Kickers in white, “Elsa.” What better way to treat your little this winter than by dressing them in our stylish white boots so they can dress the part of their favorite ice princess. Not a fan of the movie? No worries, these versatile unisex white boots can be worn all year long. Imagine your littles hunting for easter eggs or at a fourth of July parade while wearing these boots, talk about adorable!

Santa Fe

Our next new pair of kids boots are the Dirt Kickers Santa Fe in Cafe. Santa Fe is a new style of our Dirt Kickers boots. Still the same perfect shoe mold, but with new designs on the outside! Look closely and you’ll be able to tell that the stitching mimics the shape of a desert cactus! We’ve used our rich cafe leather for a deep brown color that can easily match outfits and can handle getting scuffed up during a kid’s outdoor adventures.


Don’t forget to pair your Dirt Kickers with a matching set of leather Tassels! Easy to snap on and off and they add a fun fringe movement every time you take a step. Snap on a set to perfectly match the color of your boots or try a contrasting shade to add a pop of color to your Kickers! Collect all four tassel sets to mix and match throughout the year, your little will love the variety!

New Etta Boots

For all of our moms with a “mini-me,” we have the adult look-a-like Dirt Kickers called our Etta boots. After months of revisions to create a stylish and comfy boot shape, we have finally perfected the womens cowgirl boot! Our Etta boots are featured in two colors, a bright White leather and a rich brown Cafe leather.

Though a cowgirl boot may have seemed like a bold shoe style in the past, it is now a cute boot staple in all types of wardrobes. Wear our Etta boots to a rodeo or the park for a fun summer shoe. Style with a monochrome outfit for a trendy and chic look. Add a unique twist to your daily business casual as you strut these high-quality boots while at the office. In 2020, cowgirl boots don’t scream western anymore. They can stand alone as a statement boot that adds a classic, yet newly modern touch to all outfits. .

Rainbow baby

Artisan handcrafted, easy to walk in and excellent durability

As always, our Dirt Kickers and Etta boots are made with full grain leather, vegetable tanned leather soles and are Goodyear Welted. Artisan handcrafted, easy to walk in and excellent durability for whatever activities come your way!

Our Etta boots in Cafe and White, Dirt Kickers in Elsa and Santa Fe Cafe, plus our classic Kickers in Brown, Brave (red) and Black will be available for preorder beginning Thursday December 17th at 7 p.m PST. Take a peek at our Etta boots and Dirt Kickers on our website!