Two years ago after visiting Guatemala, the idea of designing children's apparel was born.  Afterward, many trips were made back and forth in order to find the correct suppliers and seamstresses, set up a sewing shop, and design our line!

Now we have finally arrived!

There are thousands of children's apparel lines out there, so you may be asking yourself what makes our products special compared to other lines?  There are many simple answers to that question.  All of our products are made of fabrics that are eco-cool, up-cycled, 100% natural cotton, chemical-free, dye-free and sustainable - just to name a few!  Wow!  That is a lot to brag about.  We don't want to do that though, because the reasons this company was started are much simpler and pure!  The drive behind it all - we love our planet.  Not only that, but our wish is also to educate you about the ugly side of waste so you can teach your children to love our planet and to be agents of positive change as well!

We have been inspired by the textile world's ability to connect values and our hope is that our inspiration stimulates buyers and consumers to live, create and shop purposefully! Help up promotes conscious consumption by investing in sustainable materials and products.

After all this information, you may be left with a few questions like 'What makes a product sustainable?' or 'Is there a difference between recycling and upcycling?'. These questions and others will be answered next week!  Be conscious, inspire, be inspired and stay tuned!