Custom Leather AirPod Case [Women’s Leather Accessory]

  • MK221094
  • Unisex

Made to Order:

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Our Leather AirPod Case is a petite and high-quality leather carrying case for your headphones. Specifically designed to fit both AirPods and AirPods Pro case sizes. Highlighting the round shape of the carrier, it's made with supple leather that can fit most headphones and cords.

Each leather carrier features a Miko snap at the front, a small ring on the side, and a leather band on the back. These features make our AirPod Case Carriers easily attachable onto a Belt Bag, purse, Bohe Backpack, or lanyard.

Small enough to fit in a pocket, these headphone carriers are convenient, stylish, and multi-purposed. Protect your technology or any small items with this useful Miko accessory.


Genuine Guatemala Artisan Hand-Made Product


Each piece of leather is hand-cut and handcrafted by artisans that partner with us to deliver to you the most authentic artisan-made products.


3 1/2 in X 3 1/2 in

Why we love them
Artisan Handcrafted
Full Grain Leather
Trade Fair

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How we make them

Our products are beautifully exclusive 

In traditional Maya ceremonies and special events, bracelets, breastplates and other ancestral leather clothing was used. These types of products were the origins of how leather was used in Guatemala. Industrias Xela takes after this precedent in the artistry of leather working, called Marroquinería.