Juliet Floral Shoelaces

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"Juliet" - Floral Shoelaces.

Dark and romantic floral laces. Could there be a more fitting name for these laces? Juliet, Juliet, where art thou Juliet? In your shoes is where she should be! (Yeah, yeah, wrong character but you get the idea)


In most cases you'll need to base the length of laces you need on the number of eyelets on your shoe.  (Eyelets are the holes the laces pass through!) 38 in. laces will typically fit shoes with 3-4 eyelets per side. 45 in laces will typically fit shoes with 5-6 eyelets per side.  When in doubt- measure the laces that your shoes came with and use that length as a guide.

Check our Shoe Lace Guide.