Dressember Wristlet [Leather Bag Accessory]

  • DMK22103
  • Unisex


The most useful and versatile accessory that you didn’t know you needed is a Wristlet! Wristlets are the perfect accessory for keeping your important items on hand or staying minimalistic with your daily adornments. Wristlets are the perfect addition to our Envelope Wallets, Airpod Cases, and Card Wallets, as well as keys, strap-compatible phone cases, and any other small necessities! Whether you’re commuting to work, picking up groceries, packing your backpack for class, jetting off on vacation, or spending a night out with friends, our stunning leather Wristlet will keep your essentials safe and secure when you’re on the go.

20% Of proceeds from this item are given to the Dressember Foundation, an anti-trafficking organization whose vision is a world where all are free to live vibrant, autonomous lives. Dressember is a global movement utilizing fashion and creativity to combat human trafficking from every angle. Join Dressember in the fight against human trafficking today.


Full-grain leather. Vintage brass carabiner. Handcrafted. *Envelope Wallet and Card Wallet are sold separately. 


Our leather is responsibly sourced from our award-winning tannery. The finest leather goods start with the finest leather. Our brand prides itself on maintaining a diligent emphasis on environmental consciousness and we hold our leather vendor to the same high standard, which they strive for by recycling two-thirds of their waste, guaranteeing that all leather is free from harmful substances (like formaldehyde), and using solar energy to power their facility, a stance which has earned them a Leather Working Group gold medal.

Feel the spirit of handcrafted artistry, the human touch of leather craftsmanship, the beauty of imperfection, and the soul of time and experience.


3/8" wide x 8" long including the carabiner. (Strap is 16" long when extended).

Why we love them
. Artisan Handcrafted
. Full Grain Leather
. High Performance Insoles
. Sustainable

DMK22103 - Dressember Wristlet [Leather Bag Accessory]

How we make them

Our products are beautifully exclusive 

In traditional Maya ceremonies and special events, bracelets, breastplates and other ancestral leather clothing was used. These types of products were the origins of how leather was used in Guatemala. Industrias Xela takes after this precedent in the artistry of leather working, called Marroquinería. 


Handmade by Artisans

Artisanal products differ from fast fashion products in that they are made in a traditional or non-mechanized way. Artisanal products are hand-crafted by skilled cobblers in small quantities with high quality and design in mind; using techniques that cannot be replicated by machines!

Power in Your Purchase

Thank you for helping us make our world a better place. Your purchase helps us to employ skilled artisans who in turn are able to earn an income to provide for their families!