Embroidered Cosmetic Case Floral

  • MK211300
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Our Embroidered Cosmetic Cases are a high quality embroidered accessory made by our incredible artisans in Guatemala. This case is excellent for everyday use!   This accessory will last you a lifetime and more. Use for school, work, daily errands, and travel. This multipurpose case is a stylish and natural accessory that will be your new go-to travel case.

Featuring plenty of inside space for makeup brushes, makeup, keys, and card wallet. Ykk zipper with a leather pull tab and Flequitos. As always, made with 100% natural cotton. Enjoy these fabulous cosmetic case and embroidery!

These Cosmetic Case is hand embroidered with the highest quality thread available by our artisans in Guatemala. The designs are crafted by the talented Familia Nix. With their creativity and craftsmanship, all of these embroideries are truly spectacular.

Delivery Time:
It takes us 4-5 weeks to make your custom order, allow additional time (3-6 days) for USPS to deliver your order!


 Size: 7 H x 11 1/2 W in

        Why we love them
        Artisan Handcrafted
        Upcycled Denim
        Fair Trade

        MK211300 - Embroidered Cosmetic Case - Floral

        How we make them

        I am Manuela Nix

        "We weave, draw and embroider."

        My name is Manuela Nix, I live in Chichicastenango. I have been an embroiderer for 40 years and I work with different crafts, which I learned as a child with my mother. I can't read or write, but my hands excel at the art of combining colors, fabrics and weaving güipiles and strips.

        I work with my two daughters and my husband, and together, we are able to combine our skills to complete an entire product. The task begins with the purchase and preparation of threads to weave the panels on waist looms, then we place the canvases over the frames. Next, we draw with a pencil a variety of figures to make embroideries. Each member of the family has an assigned task: weaving, drawing or embroidery, but we also share the work with other neighbors, mainly when there are large orders.

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