IXSC110 - Hair Scrunchies 3 Pc. Set

About our Bandanas
Made from repurposed Cortes (Cortes are the skirts Maya women wear) and deadstock (over runs of fabrics) . Cortes are made with a foot-loom and each is about 4.5 yards long. Each design is typical of its region, each yard takes 5-6 hours to weave.  After their Cortes have been used, sometimes for 4-5 years, and they have weaved a new one, Maya women sell their Corte at the local artisan markets to be purchased and repurposed into tablecloths, curtains, or put to any other good used.  Each corte is loomed using cotton thread that has been prepared with intricate Ikat designs using century old techniques that cannot be duplicated by machines.  
We also make our bandanas from dead stock (
residual fabrics left over from major projects) Instead of ending up in landfill, these fabrics are repurposed for our collection of Bandanas! 

Reasons to Love our Bandanas

  • Made from deadstock or repurposed Cortes. 
  • Artisan loomed woven fabrics.
  • Slow fashion. Zero waste.
  • Timeless classic designs.
  • Sustainable.
  • Easy care. 100% Cotton.

Care instructions:
Machine wash in cold water. Machine dry.


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