AG-C100 Fertility Vera Scarf - Charcoal

About our Pik'bil (Fertility) Vera Scarf
Pik'bil (In Q'eqchi' it means fertility) is a traditional technique Maya women loom in the Cobán area of Guatemala. The weave is guaze-like, soft and airy; each piece is decorated with intricate patterns depicting traditions and religious beliefs of the Maya people. Ours are a limited edition, created on a Back-strap Loom by world class women weavers from the "IXBALAMK'E" (God of the moon) co-op from the Samac Cobán, Alta Verapaz area.
Our goal is to provide sustainable work to the 40 beautiful women that belong to this co-op! Each scarf takes an entire month to weave! The Women in the Cobán region wear Pik'bil blouses during the 9 months of gestation and on special occasions such as local fairs, Christmas and New Year. Enjoy!

Reasons why we love our Pik'bil (Fertility) Scarves

º Artisan loomed
º Slow fashion
º 100% Fine cotton
º Timeless classic design
º Sustainable. Trade Fair
º Easy care 

Care instructions:
Hand wash with cold water. Line dry. Hot Iron if desired.


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